More old journal entries

From: 10-19-2002

Reposted on: Oct 19, 2011

There was no hot water, but I showered anyway. I was told that I had a visit at 11. I felt mellow after I got up. Then I was told Mike’s back in Donner section. The transfer was an error. I was happy that he’s back even though I couldn’t see him. I don’t know what happened.

I didn’t know who’s coming to see me. It’s a surprise as usual. I went to the visiting room at ten til eleven. As I was sitting for a while, Yuri and Anmol showered up. They got there about 11:20. The guard gave them a bunch of hassle because of Yuri’s walker. Yuri was in a wheelchair. Then she got up and sat in the regular chair. Anmol said hi and gave Yuri the phone. She was all smiling and told me how highly people thought of me. She’s very tiny and frail. I had wanted to see her for a while. Finally, she’s in front of me. I thought I would be overcome with emotion once I see her, but I didn’t. Our conversation and gestures were so natural that it’s like we’ve been friends for the longest. She had a difficult time hearing me. I had to yell. Anmol and her took turns to talk to me. We didn’t have too much time. Yuri told me that her advisor from UCLA loved my poem and will print it in a journal. She asked if I could talk to his nephew EN, who’s on Death Row. He’s been in since he’s 19. His family disowned him and he wanted to die. I told her I’ll try to get a message to him. We talked a little about transfer, parole and the Ad Seg situation. She’s concerned. She wanted me to go to Vacaville because U.C. Davis’ Asian students wan to start an Asian Studies program. She’s not award of the running of the prison. She said that I’m a good writer and encouraged me to write and publish a book. I was flattered. Anmol and I talked a bit about my Ad Seg situation. He expressed his anger about what S did to jeopardize us in prison. He hasn’t talk to her since. I understand what Mo felt, but I told him to support her. I didn’t want to talk too much about it then. We’ll have a chance to air it out next time. They haven’t written support letters for me yet, but they’ll do it asap. Our visit was cut short. The officer and Sergeant were not accommodating. I did my best to stall. I don’t’ know when I’ll see them again. We need some quality time together. I appreciate Anmol for bringing her up to see me.

I received my canteen order today. I have plenty of food. The rest of the day I rested and read. I didn’t feel like doing anything else.

I was great to see Yuri. Today will be a memorable day for me. May Yuri be healthy and continue to be an inspiration in fighting for justice.

From: 10-18-2002

Reposted on: Oct 18, 2011

Parting of friends is the theme for this week. I haven’t got a chance to miss mike’s departure to Solano yesterday. Then Rico left this afternoon. This morning I was out with Rico talking about Mike’s transfer. We were saying how Mike would be able to watch the World Series. We played a couple games of 3 on 3. We showered and kicked it for a while. We didn’t think that he would leave today. The cop told him to pack his property right before dinner. Right after dinner he was transferred. He stopped by to say good bye. I knew it was a relief for Rico because he’s ready to move on.

After he left I felt alone. I went through a few minutes of emotional changes. It was too sudden when he told me that he’s leaving. I kept myself busy so I didn’t have to deal with the fear of loneliness. I almost cry. I’ll miss Rico.

I received a letter from OIG (Office of the Inspector General.) It denied my allegation that the San Quentin administration violated my rights. They all worked together. I’ll have to win it in the court.

Blu was denied 2 years at the BPT yesterday. He had a visit and didn’t want to come out to the yard. I hope he’ll stay strong and keep on fighting.

I read tabloid paper to take my mind away from the reality. I couldn’t help but thought about the fact that I might end up in SATF soon. I have no control of the situation. I said a few prayers for Mike, Rico and myself, my family and friends. Hopefully things will work out for me.

My priority is to go home, God willing. It’s solo from now on.

From: 10-17-2002

Reposted on: Oct 17, 2011

I was tossing and turning when Mike woke me up in the morning. He guessed it right. He was transferred to Solano prison. He left me his goodies and books. I said a prayer for him. I’ll miss him, but was glad that he moved on. At least he’s not in the hole now. Rico thought I was leaving also.

Counselor S gave me my Olson review, hearing notice and updated my board report. She asked me to write out my version of the instant offense. I’ll give it to her tomorrow.

I found out that I was put up for transfer to a prison next to Corcoran “SATF” (Substance Abuse Treatment Facility.) I hope that doesn’t happen.

I wrote to KW, CC and G about it. I asked KW and CC to write a letter to CSR for me. I don’t mind going to Solano. I wrote to M, J, S, and B. I asked J to write a support letter for me. I told everyone about my pending transfer. I sent the letter out to Mike’s parents and his 602 out. I wrote my version of the crime.

I ate a lot today. A part of me wants to move on, but I don’t want to go anywhere down south. It’s too far from the family. I just have to trust that things will go through for me in court. Gods bless me.

From: 10-16-2002

Reposted on: Oct 16, 2011

It’s unusual, but the administration made sure that I went to my ICC for transfer recommendation. I didn’t asked many questions and submitted my opposing statement. I wasn’t feeling up.

I made lunch after I got back. It was strange being in Death Row Bay side.

I received a letter from K. She got the plan she wanted. I wrote her back. I got a letter from W and I wrote him back and sent him my statement to oppose transfer. I got a letter from Wilma Chan. She brushed me off. I wrote her back and asked her to call or write to OIG (Office of the Inspector General) for an investigation.

I got a notice that M’s approved to visit. I wrote her and sent her the copy. ML was denied. I wrote her and forgot to send her another visiting form. The mailroom just now sent my book back to K.

The appeals coordinator D screened out two of my appeals.

Mike got good news. He’s going to a hearing on 10/3/02. I hope he’ll get some action from the courts soon. Lawyer helped me out. He’s very supportive and enthusiastic. I pray that he’s right.

I got my stamped copy of the writ from Courts of Appeal. I felt better as I the day went on. My fingers were hurting this morning. I hope all is well with my family and friends.

From: 10-15-2002

Reposted on: Oct 15, 2011

Happy B-day to Dad and J! I will be there to celebrate Dad’s 70th B-day.

It was cold this morning. I walked around with Rico for a while. My knees were locking up on me. Mike and I played a couple of games and won against two brothers. I need to start to take care of my body more.

G came by. We chatted for a while. Mike went to library and made copies for me.

I’m tired. I got a letter from Mom. She talked to J. Sis is on business until 10/31. I wrote to Fr. M and K. I sent my 602 on 3335 for the third time.

Another day is gone. I await letters from my friends.

From: All Eyes on Dad

Reposted on: Oct 14, 2011

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Larry, happy birthday to you.” The entire Champa Garden restaurant sang the song for my Dad before he blew out the candle on the cake. It’s his 78th birthday tomorrow. I figured I didn’t have anything to loose by asking the patrons to sing along with me. Dad stood up and thanked everyone after the song. I wondered how he felt inside.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate another birthday with my Dad. It’s my fifth birthday celebration with him since I’ve been out in the free world. There was a time when I feared I would l not be able to see my parents alive.

Life is good.


I slept in after reading the Sun mag. I did my letter writing in the afternoon and at night. I wrote to PLO’s W and sent him my appeal on the 115. I sent the letter to G with the adjudication. I wrote to Sis and Mom to give them an update. I sent a B-day card to S. I wrote to J. I don’t really have much to say. I could’ve done better. I wrote my statement to oppose the transfer to CSR. I’m ready.

The day went by not too slow, not too fast. Giants is going to the World Series.

From: 10-13-2002

Reposted on: Oct 13, 2011

It was good to be around friends and talk. Mike and I played a couple of basketball games. We won despite poor shootings. That was my exercise and I warmed down with yoga.

The rest of the day I rested and read. I didn’t feel like doing anything else. Mike, Rico and I will be going our separate ways soon. I will miss them. We’ll meet up again on the streets, I hope.

From: 10-12-2002

Reposted on: Oct 12, 2011

I slept in this morning, it’s not like I had anywhere to go. I did some reading and lay around. E gave me a little bit of my property. I mainly got my stamps and some paperwork and some song lyrics. I got enough to keep me busy in the cell.

I got my appeal on the 115. The lawyer took care of business. I wrote to G and expressed how I felt about her comments on delusion and self-aggrandizement.

I got more cases to read and discuss with Mike. Rico gave me a letter from NM, who’s been working on prison reform issues. I read McQuillion’s case again and I hope it will stand.

Today is K’s wedding. I know she’s having a blast. May she be happy.

From: 10-11-2002

Reposted on: Oct 11, 2011

Always remember to exercise my rights unless it serves no practical purpose. I was supposed to go to ICC at 11:50am, but I didn’t go until 1:10pm. I was able to go to the yard. CCI D messed up by serving me the 72 hour notice late. When I did go the ICC, Associate Warden W said I’m being put up for transfer. I was not aware that the ICC was for transfer so I asked to be given notice so I can prepare myself. They tried hard to coerce me to continue with the hearing. I insisted that I be allowed my due process. W broke down and rescheduled me for ICC on Wednesday. I’ll be ready.

Rico, Mike and I played a few games of 21. We had fun.

I received a package from J. She sent me two magazines and a collection of stamps of the 12 animal signs. She’s very thoughtful. It cost her 128 yuan. She’s a great friend. I know we’ll be tight for life.

I received G’s letter with the McQuillion case. She sent it priority, but she wrote the wrong zip code so it was delayed. She cautioned me to be coo with the committee and self-aggrandizement. I disagree with her. I appreciate her support, but not her thinking. I’ll get back at her.

Tomorrow is K’s wedding. May she be happy and have a long lasting marriage.

From: 10-10-2002

Reposted on: Oct 10, 2011

It’s been a busy and productive day. I read up on the Title 15 and wrote a statement to prepare for my ICC. It’ll be interesting to see what ICC elects to do with me tomorrow.

I got all my legal materials together and sent it to the lawyer. He took care of business for me. I also sent my adjudication and defense statement to PLO’s W. I went to the library and made copies and did researches. I read the report from the Daily Journal on the result of Rosenkranz’s oral argument. It didn’t look good. We’ll see the decision in 90 days.

I saw B and said hello. I said hi to the fellas.

I received a letter from S. It’s a pleasant surprise. I wrote him back and told him what’s up. I got a note from CC. He’ll send the legal letters next week. I received October’s Coastal Journal. H has been consistent.

I got my 602 on 3135 back again. The appeal’s coordinator is playing games. I sent it back again.

I sent a B-day card to J and Dad.

Rico and I talked for a while. Hopefully he won’t get transfer. I feel tired. Things are looking up again. It’s time to win.

From: 10-9-2002

Reposted on: Oct 09, 2011

I didn’t feel like doing much today. My plan usually doesn’t work accordingly because I’m too spontaneous. I started reading the Capoeira book. I thought about N. she went to Brazil to study that art.

I made myself a fulfilling lunch.

The day just moved on by. I didn’t receive my letters. I wrote to CC about my Marin case. I sent my 602 in on 3339 violation. I couldn’t get my paperwork out to the lawyer. I thought about being on my own without any help from anyone on my legal stuff. I’ll have to study things myself. I don’t know how much discipline I’ll have. I just have to go with the flow as usual.

I don’t want to think too much about the unknown.


From: 10-8-2002

Reposted on: Oct 08, 2011

Things are looking up. I received the First Appellate District’s decision granting another look at my OSC (Order to Show Cause) in Marin County. This time I’ll get appointed counsel. Hopefully I’ll get an evidentiary hearing.

I got a letter from PLO’s W about my parole hearing. He has been better in keeping a line of communication with me. I wrote him back and gave him an update. I got a letter from Senator Boxer’s Director of Constituent Service. He forwarded my letter to senator Burton stating my issues are State issues. I wrote him back saying they’re federal issues since it deals with the First Amendment right.

I received a letter from O in Hong Kong, P, M and a postcard from Fr. O. P wrote a short support letter for me. I wrote her back and tanked her. M wrote a form letter. She’ll be moving to Sonoma in December. I wrote O and asked her to write a support letter for me. She thinks highly of me. She is a good friend who I haven’t met.

It’s sunny outside. We shot the ball around and did pushups. Blu and I mediated for  15 minutes. I enjoyed the time outside.

Fr. P and G dropped by briefly to say hi. I got my 72 hour notice for Ad Seg review on Friday. Then I got my Capoeira book from the Property Officer. I look forward to reading it.

I got my 115 adjudication from Officer G. It was a day later than the written date. I was found guilty for 3005 because of 3250. I’ll win in appeal. The whole 115 was a joke.

I received my Sun magazine. Plenty to read. I sent the congratulation card to R. It’s been an active and productive day. I wrote a letter to Fr. O so he can use as a model form support letter.

I hope things will eventually work in our favor. Thank the good spirit for my blessings.

From: 10-7-2002

Reposted on: Oct 07, 2011

Whenever I start to think about the length of time that I have to stay in solitary, I feel a sense of depression. I always catch myself from lingering too long in those moments.

I make it a point to study my correspondence course. I did a couple of hours of studying and it was worth it. I need to keep it up and finish my commitment.

A wrote and sent me a couple of articles. He’s not a good correspondent, but I appreciate his support. I wrote him back and gave him a brief feedback. I hope to see him and Yuri this weekend.

Rev. K sent me his support letter. He asked other priests to write support letters for me. He also shared my article with others. It’s good to know that I could count on him.

I got two 602s back. They were screened out, but I resubmitted. I still haven’t got my adjudication back. The administration is playing games with me. I also haven’t heard about my parole hearing status. I should be getting some support letters from friends.

I hope and hope that things are getting better for me and my friends. If it’s time to move on, it’s time.

From: 10-6-2002

Reposted on: Oct 06, 2011

It was beautiful outdoor. The weather was warmed and sunny. Mike, Rico and Blue and I walked and talked about Richard Moore’s article in Whole Earth, “Escaping the Matrix.” Mike did the reviewing of the article. Rico was not in tune with the political concepts and lingos. Mike used layman’s term to explain them. I learned and understood more about the different points after listening to Mike. I read the article again afterward. It’s an excellent article about matrix reality and reality of the imperialistic system. We played 21 after the discussion. It was a good way to spend our time.

I rested a little in the afternoon. I read. Then I wrote a letter to G. I asked her to answer to my tow requests. Hopefully she’ll say yes, but I doubt it. I wrote to SL in Green Gulch. I asked him to write a support letter for me. It’s a long shot, but I have nothing to lose.

My left ear has been bothering me. It closed off on me sometimes so I couldn’t hear. Another day is gone. I need to study my Statistic material. I don’t want to get behind too much. There’s always something new happening. I hope all my loved ones are well.

From: Good Busy

Reposted on: Oct 05, 2011

It’s been non-stop since my return from Arizona.

I had to get up at 7am to prepare for a mediation that takes place at a high school at 9am. I went to the store to buy donuts and orange juice for the students and their parents. Luckily, my coworkers were extremely generous in driving me and Mike across the bridge so I can pick up the agency van and drive to the school.

However, I was supposed to stay home until my immigration Case Worker from the Intensive Supervision Appearance Program (ISAP) come check in with me. I wasn’t supposed to leave the house until that person came. I attempted to inform the Case Worker of my schedule yesterday, but receive no response. I missed my appointment so I can go conduct the mediation that could escalate to violence if it’s not resolved.

After I helped facilitating the mediation with 20 or so Asian and African American students, their parents, member of the school faculty, members of Community Based Organizations, and School Resource Officers, I went to the ISAP office to report.

Then I headed over to the Bayview Opera House to provide translation at the Young Community Developers (YCD) job fair. In the meantime, I missed two other meetings that took place all around the same time.

After the job fair, I went to the Bayview Youth Advocate office to help with the multi-cultural youth leadership workshop. By the time I got into the CYC office to return the van key, it’s already 6:25pm.

I haven’t had time to check the 35 emails I received. What a day! (I would rather have a busy day like today than the day I had 9 years ago today in solitary confinement.)


A day of rest. A day of reading.

From: 10-4-2002

Reposted on: Oct 04, 2011

Mike and Rico went to classification and were put up for transfer. They’ll be out of here once the CSR endorses them. That could be within the next couple of weeks. I’ll be here for a couple of more months since I’m going to my parole hearing in December. I’m making decisions for myself and I don’t know how things will turn out. I just have to wait and see.

I played some basketball with Rico. I had a nose bleed after the Black guy hit me on the nose. I had an all right sweat.

K sent me a copy of the support letter she wrote. It’s good. I appreciate her for handling business. She’s anxious and nervous about the wedding next week. She’s moving onto another chapter of her life.

I read for the rest of the day. I finished “Pop Goes the Weasel” and the Whole Earth article on Matrix vs. Reality. I hope things will get better for me.

From: Be the Change Within

Reposted on: Oct 03, 2011

It’s been a pleasure to be a guest lecturer at Arizona State University. I’m grateful for the invitation from professor Jeff Ow, Wendy Cheng and Kathy Nakagawa from the Asian Pacific American Studies to allow me to kickoff the second annual National Ethnic Studies week in ASU. I was able to share with approximately 300 students from all diverse backgrounds. I was encouraged by some of their presence.

I’m also grateful for the presence of my host, tour guide, photographer, bodyguard and chauffeur Bryan Smith and his lovely wife Alison for their generosity and hospitality. It’s great to have good friends in difference places.


When it comes to visiting in the Ad Seg, the person(s) come to visit is/are always a surprise. I never know who’s coming to see me until I see the person. I was called for a visit at eleven o’clock. It’s Thursday. Most of my friends work on weekdays so I had no idea who’s coming to see me. I was glad none the less. I didn’t have to wait long to find out who came up. S surprised me. I didn’t recognized her from a distant. She was much calmer than the S I remember. It’s been three years since the last time we talked or saw each other. We had a great visit. We talked about many topics: personal, politic, education, prison, etc. I felt we’re old friends. Somehow, we were able to visit for two hours and twenty minutes. The Officer must’ve forgotten about us. I loved it. I wrote S and sent her my poem, the proposal letter to politicians and guideline to write support letters. I appreciate her friendship. I asked her to visit Mike. She’s doing well.

I received the wedding invitation from K. I hope she’ll be happy. I got two letters from J. she’s a good and detailed story teller. She shared pretty much everything with me. Her partner is jealous of me because we write to each other often and in great volume. I wrote her back and sent her the 9th circuit decision. She’ll be back in April.

I wrote B a brief letter to thank her and V for their support. I wrote PLO W and told him I will go forward with the hearing. I also asked him to confirm his role as my attorney. I know he don’t like my decision, but I have to call the shots this time. I still don’t trust him completely. I’ll fire him if necessary.

I pray that things will work out for Rico and Mike tomorrow. Rico received a response from Barbara Lee. She forwarded the letter to Senator Prerata. Hopefully he’ll look into the situation with us.

May our families and friends are well.

From: 10-2-2002

Reposted on: Oct 02, 2011

As expected, G showed up to visit. I got out around 11. The hour and a half visit went by quickly. We talked about my Ad Seg situation and parole hearing strategy. She agreed that I should go forward with the hearing. We didn’t agree on other issues. I didn’t like the way she shot my plan down on raising awareness and organizing a support committee. I don’t like her imposing ways. I know that she have my best interest at heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s right. We didn’t get to talk about regular stuff much. She had to visit with Mike.

I saw V, New York and uso on my way to the library. I couldn’t talk to all of them.

I made lunch as planned. It was good. Mike got his after his visit.

I wrote to G and expressed how I felt about our visit. I asked her to ask my Mom to send Mek some compensation. Say wrote me so I wrote him back. He’s living dangerously out there.

I had to check my neighbor cause he made threats and acted tough. But he’s a coward. He apologized to me and broke down.

I read US magazines to pass time. I didn’t do much. It’s been an eventful day.

From: 10-1-2002

Reposted on: Oct 01, 2011

It was cold this morning on the yard. I didn’t feel like working out until it got warmed. Blu talked all day about his situation. We listened and tried to pick up pointers. We had a good time.

I was tired after yard. I wrote to the Inspector’s General about SQ’s violation of my due process. I wrote to Barbara Lee and Wilma Chan about my plight. Hopefully they’ll respond. I wrote to FW and sent him all the updates and asked him to write a support letter for me. I wrote to E and asked her to write for me. I wrote to the lawyer and asked him advice on my parole situation.

I received Mr. W’s letter advising me to postpone the parole hearing. We’ll see. He didn’t address the 9th circuit issue. G set up an appointment to see Mike, but she didn’t make it. Rico got an order to show cause. That’s great news for us. I hope things will work out for all of us.

I got some US magazines. The day went by fast. I haven’t received my adjudication of 115. I sent out a 602 on N.

From: 9-30-2002

Reposted on: Sep 30, 2011

Things don’t always happen as plan. I didn’t get all the letters sent out as I wanted to. I received a letter form Assemblywoman Aroner. She wrote to Gray Davis and CDC director Bob Presely to inquire about our situation in Ad Seg. She is the first politician responded to our letters. I wrote her back and sent her a copy of my article in the Weekly.

I wrote to Yuri and asked her to write to Aroner and ask others to do the same. I wrote to M and asked her to write a support letter and gave her G’s address. I wrote to G and gave her an update and said hello. Hopefully she’s all right.

I went through my paperwork to check if I’m organized. I didn’t do much in the morning. I sent a letter to the lawyer to give him an update. Hopefully he got my letter.

I started to read another James Patterson book, “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

New cops are on the job because of the new schedule. One second tier cop, short Pinoy didn’t want to process my legal mail to Assemblywoman Aroner. He has no idea of what the rule says. He has an attitude problem. I’ll have to write him up.

I received a status printout of my active appeals. A couple of my appeals were never processed. We’ll see how the others go.

I ate a lot as usual. I need to slow down or speed up my exercise.

I got some things done today.

From: 9-29-2002

Reposted on: Sep 29, 2011

I didn’t time it right so I wasn’t able to write the letters to the politicians. I’ll do it tomorrow. The whole afternoon and evening were utilized to write letters. I wrote to Rudy C and thanked him for helping me out. I wrote to Mom, Yuri, Sis Roger, KW, and CC. I sent Yuri the SQ3 picture. She’ll like that. I sent Roger all the articles I had about me. He should use that to generate some support. I asked CC to send me the copies of proposals to Berkeley. I told KW about my 115 hearing and decision to go forward with the parole hearing. I told Sis the same thing. I’m glad I was able to get those letters out.

I did a short workout with Rico. Mike went to his visit with his parents. I talked to R for awhile. The day went by quickly. I have to be prepared for the upcoming hearing and ICC adverse actions.

God willing things will work out.

From: 9-29-2002

Reposted on: Sep 28, 2011

I was surprised when I was called for a visit at eight o’clock. I didn’t know who could be coming. I got out to the visiting at about quarter til eight after I took a shower. I waited until eight thirty-five before Roger showed up. I had a chance to meditate a bit. It was great seeing Roger. He was outside the gate at 7:30, but wasn’t able to get in until 8:30. He ended up staying until 10:30 when the lady Officer Ms. K kicked him out. We had good conversations on different topics. We talked about our family and well beings. I listened more whenever I talk to Roger. He’s a great friend and brother. He’s going to help me with my support letter writing campaign. Mom will be happy knowing that he visited.

I came back from my visit around ten after eleven. I was called to my 115 hearing. I wished it was fair, but it wasn’t. Lt. M ignored all the evidence and violation of PC (Penal Code) Title 15 DOM (Department Operation Manual) and found me guilty of an administrative 115. He used some other charge in the Title 15 to support his finding. Apparently he had talked to Lt. N and had to railroad me. He sounded stupid and illogical when he tried to justify himself. I wasn’t too surprise. I did speak up for myself even though he didn’t listened or cared. I just have to go through the appeal process. I made sure he had an ear full from me.

I wrote my declaration. The rest of the day I kicked back, napped and read. I feel calm. There’s a better tomorrow. Things will work out accordingly.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-27-2002

Reposted on: Sep 27, 2011

A surprised me again by coming up in the morning to see me. She was still sleepy. She had problem at the gate again. I waited two minutes before she showed up. I gave her an update on what’s going on with my situation. I did a lot of fast talking and I listened. We talked about politics, the PLO, worldly events, and BPT. Time went by too quick.

I showed Rico and Blue the ninth circuit news clipping. Hopefully things will stand. We worked out. Mike and Rico can’t hang with the Machine (a strenuous exercise routine) yet. The lawyer took care of things for me. He’s overwhelmed. I want to help him if I could.

CC dropped me a postcard asking me to write the court to appoint counsel. I think it’s too late.

I received another letter from Mom with 4 photos. She talked to R and asked him to see me. RC wrote a support letter for me. It was well written. He also showed me love by writing some wisdom and sent me 2 photos of United Playaz. I want to join him to save lives.

I did a lot of fishing tonight. I didn’t like it. I didn’t relax. It was a good day. I hope things will only get better.

From: 9-26-2002

Reposted on: Sep 26, 2011

Happy birthday Sis! Sis’s bday bought me good energy and a peaceful mind. May she be healthy, happy and continued success.

I was expecting to go to my 115 hearing today, but it didn’t happened. I’m ready whenever Lt. M decides to do it. I wrote an additional defense statement from the case Newell v. Gunnell. It’s a strong cease to support my claim.

I cooked lunch today for the SQ3. I made a noddle log with corn chips, meat log, carrots, and pepper condiments. It was delicious, hole standard. Mike liked it. I’ll find out if Rico liked it.

I took a nap in the morning. I felt tired. I didn’t get a chance to get the letters out to politicians. They’ll go out on Sunday.

I received letters from Mom, A, J and a postcard from A. I wrote A back and gave her an update. I wrote to Mom and thanked her for sending me 11 pictures. Mom and Dad looked good in the pictures and they’d enjoyed themselves. I love Mom.

J had three letters in and a visa photo. I wrote her back a quick note. A is helping me out with the letters. She told me 20 youth signed up for our study group. I’m excited to see it happened. I wrote her and asked her to contact G and A. I wondered what happened to G. Did my poem affect her? I hope she’s all right. I appreciate A’s friendship. She loves people.

I read an article in the newspaper on the favorable ruling concerning lifers who had been granted dates, but will take it into the same category. I felt excited at the prospect of appealing and get to go home. I hope so.

I sent KW a brief letter telling him I decided to go through with the hearing instead of postponing. I took the lawyer’s advice.

CCI E came see me about the postponement of hearing again. He’s desperate to get me to postpone the hearing. What a snake! He’ll be surprised when I tell him the news.

My body is torn up. I need some serious healing. May the love of my family and friends continued to sustain me. May I be home with my parents in the near future.

From: 9-24-2002

Reposted on: Sep 24, 2011

We had a semi difficult workout today. Mike’s not in shape so we didn’t push it. We did 100 10 counts burpees, 200 single leg squats, 200 wide stance squats, 20 Jasiris, and 100 mountain climbers. It was a decent workout, especially after playing a little bit of basketball.

I talked to Blue for a bit. Mike got his notice for ICC on Friday. After he told E that he’s 115 was heard. N gave him the notice and gave Mike the adjudication of the 115. I’ll be interesting to see how things unfold with Mike. I read his adjudication. If the hearing officer goes by evidence instead of trying to railroad me, there’s no way I’ll get find guilty. I think that’s one of the reasons why my 115 hasn’t been heard. We’ll see.

G and P come by briefly. After P left, I shared my poem with G. he was touched by it. I know he would appreciate it since he knows my situation. It’s always good to see friends.

Mike and I went to the law library. I did some research and made some copies. My lawyer helped me tremendously. He’s been inundated with paperwork. He’s a good brother. I do hope that I’ll be able to see him soon. G told me about MJ’s write on BPT. I hope I’ll get to read it and use it to help me with my parole situation.

I received a letter from K and C. I was able to write C back. She’s still getting over J’s passing. It’s understandable. I’m glad I could help her. K wrote a long letter. She offered to help me with my parole situation and gave me her telephone numbers and email. She sent me the Capaeria book from I hope I’ll get it. I started to write to her, but didn’t finish. I’ll have more letters to write tomorrow.

I’m tired right now from being out more than usual. May the great spirit of love bless my family, friends and I.

From: 9-23-2002

Reposted on: Sep 23, 2011

The fact that I haven’t been call for my 115 hearing bothers me a little. It’s the fact of not knowing that’s eating at me. The truth is I can’t do anything about it, but wait.

I was called down to the Lieutenant’s office for a phone interview with Counselor K. She interviewed me for about ten minutes concerning my 7/14 citizen’s compliant. CC II H asked her to do it. She told me the response over the phone, but I can’t remember anything. All my issues were rejected. I just want to get the appeal back so I can process and exhaust it. That way I can file writ in the courts.

After the phone interview I asked Lt. L for a phone call. He said cool and dialed Mom’s number for me. On one was home in San Jose or Oakland. Just my luck. Hopefully I can try again next time when I’m around the office area.

I felt tire so I slept for a while. Then I pulled out my statistic book and studied for a while. It’s hard for me to concentrate and remember all the different terms. It requires repetition to study the terms. I need to get busy on it because I only have about six months left to finish it.

I didn’t receive any letters today. I wrote to H, B, A and P. I’ve pretty much written to all the people who I think would write support letters for me. We’ll see how many people will write for me. I’m still waiting for KW to come visit me. Unless he has some good reasons to convince me he’s willing to help me, I’m firing him.

I hope things will work out for me and my friends accordingly.

From: 9-22-2002

Reposted on: Sep 22, 2011

It has been a busy night for me. I managed to write eight letters and rearranged my appeals. I wrote to M, Sis, J, A, K, S, R and J. I asked them to write support letters for me and gave them a brief update of my situation. I’m sure they’ll do what they can to help me. I sent Sis a birthday card. Hopefully she has a chance to relax in Hawaii.

I sent another 602 to CCI n the violation of 3335. I also wrote to the appeal’s coordinator about the status of my appeals. I took care of business.

I went to yard. I played a couple of games against H. He’s a liar and a cheater. I did get a good sweat. Afterward we worked out. We did steps, burpees and pushups. We need to do more of it. I got some protein to refuel. Maybe I’ll gain some muscle weight.

I still haven’t been to my 115 hearing the time limit has expired. I think they did it on purpose after they saw the I.E. report and can’t find me guilty. They’re trying to set me up. I have to stay focus and be alert.

May the good spirit be with me always.

From: 9-21-2002

Reposted on: Sep 21, 2011

I have been anticipating for my 115 to be heard today. It’s been thirty days since the report was issued. Now the time has expired and my due process was violated. I did some last minute studying on my notes and statements for the hearing.

I was called over the P.A.(public address system), but was cancelled. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t relax all day. I was ready for the hearing and felt a little nervous. Now I can relax until tomorrow.

I read a little, then cooked lunch. Mike was sleeping so I had to soak the food in hot water to keep it warm. I like the lunch.

I wrote a letter to M, but I’m not finished. I’ll do more letter writing tomorrow. Another in the mad house.

From: 9-20-2002

Reposted on: Sep 20, 2011

My angle still hurts when I move it up and down. I didn’t play any games of basketball today. Rico and I walked around and talked for a while. We spoke about our families and how we feel about the whole thing. He’s been kicking back too much. We did some burpees, pushups and squats. It was beautiful out. I talked to R for a bit. He told me to stay focus on my goal. I had a good lunch.

My I.E. C came by and dropped off her report. She wasn’t able to reached HM. The other five witnesses answered the questions. They support my claim in the statements that they had provided. The time the 115 was issued was at 11:45. The I.E. gave me the report at 12:05. by the time my 115 gets heard, they had violated my due process. It’ll be more than 30 days. I’ll point that violation out the them in the hearing.

I received a piece of mail and the Harper magazine. When I looked at the return address I didn’t recognized the name right away. When I did realized it was from M. I was feeling happy that she finally wrote. She just wanted to holler. I look forward to meeting her too.

My much anticipated legal mail arrived. The write was denied. No evidentry hearing. That’s a big blow on us. Hopefully there’s a way I can still win.

I did a little revise on my statement for the hearing. I didn’t do much else. The time went by too fast. I got the Chinese stamp from my friend. I feel tired right now physically.

From: 9-19-2002

Reposted on: Sep 19, 2011

Again, the day went by quickly. I had plenty to do. I received my canteen today, but some items were missing as usual. I gave some stuff to Mike and Rico. I also gave some soups to the neighbors since they don’t have anything.

I didn’t make it to the library so Rico made some copies for me. He messed up by not copying double sided, lost my board recommendation sample and sent the wrong thing to the lawyer. He’s too dull.

Counselor E came by to get me to sign the parole hearing notice. He asked if I’m signing to postpone my hearing as if he knows that I’m going to postpone it. When I said that I’ll have to talk to my attorney first and that I might go to the hearing, he said that I would be going in yellow (All solitary prisoners wear yellow jumpsuit as a way to separate from the reception “orange” and mainline “blue” population.) He stated the warden wants to transfer the three of us even if she has to go to the review board. He said there were too many disgruntled lifers on the line about what happened. We’ll see.

G dropped by briefly. He’s on the move.

I received a letter form J finally. It was great to hear from her. ZY’s jealous that I wrote her long letters. Oh well. I sent her a card to acknowledge her letter. S surprised me by writing again. He’s very loyal to me. I wrote him back and try to talk some sense into him to stay productive. I found out that A and K have the same b-day. I sent them each a belated b-day card. I wrote J a short letter asking for her support. She probably won’t write. I wrote to M and sent him my poem and article. Hopefully he’s doing well.

I still haven’t receive my I.E. report. Tomorrow is the deadline for them to hear my 115 and the court’s deadline to respond to my denial. May the judge ruled in my favor. The whole situation is getting complicated and is looking better for me. Hopefully I’m doing the right thing by fighting all the way. I have to follow through.

From: 9-18-2002

Reposted on: Sep 18, 2011

My knees, right angle and lower back are still hurting from yesterday’s physical activity. I don’t even know how the time went by so quickly.

I was interviewed by Lt. L concerning my property 602 on the court deadline. He responded to it and had me sign it. I signed for it saying I received 2 boxes of legal property. He mentioned that “You have a lot going on. Good luck.” I guess everyone in high ranking knows something about my situation.

I did some reading, then i wrote some Chinese characters. My penmanship is not well, but I did what I can to write. Hopefully someone will be satisfy with the writings.

I wrote a letter to the Archdiocese of L.A. Sr. J asking her to write a support letter for me. I also wrote a letter to M. I didn’t receive anything from J. Mr. W finally wrote and said he’ll schedule for a visit. Let’s see what excuses he has to justify his non-responses to my requests.

I got my 602 response back form second level in the property issue. It’s going to the third level. The administration is too arrogant. I’ts digging a hole for itself.

I went through my legal boxes and got what I need for exhibits. I should be hearing from the court soon. I still haven’t got my I.E. report yet. There’re four more days left on my 115 to be heard or it’ll pass the time limit. It’ll have to be reissued and heard. I don’t know what they are thinking. If they try to drag this think on, they’re stupid. Time is to my advantage.

The good spirit is working its magic for me and Mike. He went to his hearing tonight. Lt. Y heard his 115. He started to find him guilty before the hearing start, but after he heard all the evidence, he said he can’t find him guilty. However, he’s under pressure from the administration to find Mike guilty. Either he does the lawful thing or he’ll have to go against the law. I pray that he does what’s evident.

I’m glad things are happening that way. I hope my luck is even better. I need to move on and get out the prison. God bless me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-17-2002

Reposted on: Sep 17, 2011

My whole body is in pain, especially my knees, lower back and neck. I got banged up playing basketball today. I fell hard when going after a rebound. My feet got tangled with Mike’s.  Then i twisted my right angle. the hardest blow came when Mike’s shoulder hit my chin when going up for a layup. My jaw and head snapped back. It’s too dangerous. We did some burpees, 100 6 counts. It was a fun and physical day.

After yard I did an inventory of my property. Officer I bough them by from North Block. He gave me two boxes of legal works. He’ll have to inventory the rest and give me what’s allowable. My boxes were opened and inventoried by North Block staff. I haven’t had a chance to look through everything yet.

I didn’t get any mail today. I was hoping that I’ll get call to library, but i didn’t. I have to make some major copies. I managed to write some letters to ask for support. I wrote to Fr. O, Rev. K, P, EC, L and J. I hope they’ll write letters for me. G came by. He’ll try to get me a job offer and others to write letters for me.

I got today’s Chronicle and yesterday’s Press Democrat. It’s been a while since I got to read a newspaper. I have plenty to read.

I took a Ibuprofen for my pain. I know I’ll feel it more tomorrow.

I didn’t get any notice for ICC today, so i won’t be going this week. I wonder what’s taking them so long to hear our 115. It’s getting late on the date. I know they’re up to no good. We’ll see.


*This reflection is written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-16-2002

Reposted on: Sep 16, 2011

I didn’t manage my time well so I didn’t get all the letters I wanted out. I wrote to Yuri and sent her the visiting approval form. The visiting processing was slow. I’m glad that she’s approved.

I wrote to A and asked her to write support letter for me. I told her about the website situation. I wrote to D and K asking them for support. I wrote to G and sent her my documents and asked her to share them with my friends. Hopefully things will work out. It can only get better.

The day went by too quick it seemed. I didn’t feel like a shower since I didn’t do anything. I let my body recuperate. I got some magazines to read. I appreciate them. My citizen’s complaint got kicked back to me. The Appeal’s Coordinator is wrong to screen 8it out claiming it was a duplicate. I’ll get them for violating my due process.

I didn’t hear from J. Hopefully she received my letters and is doing all right.

Another day in the mad house.

From: 9-15-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 15, 2011

Finally, there was yard today. It’s a cloudless sky for a while until around noon time. The sun was out early. Mike hurt his wrist from falling inside the shower so we couldn’t play any games. We shot around and practiced handling the ball. I got a little sweat. Hopefully we’ll work out on Tuesday. Rico and I kicked for a bit, just bonding. He gave me twenty stamps. I needed them.

I took a nap after lunch. Then I got busy writing letters to friends. I wrote to M, Yuri, A, S, R, W, sis and Mom. I asked them to write support letters for me in anticipation of my parole hearing. I sent Yuri and M copies of the letter to politicians. Hopefully they can help draw some attention on our plight. I have more letters to write tomorrow night. I’ll be busy all day.

I bumped my left knee against the bunk. It hurt. My fingers hurt from all the jams playing basketball. I need to do more yoga and stretching exercises to heal myself. I have not done much yoga lately.

May the Gods continued to smile on me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-14-2002

Reposted on: Sep 14, 2011

In the past six days I probably have been out of the cell for about three hours. The rest of the time somehow passed quickly in the cell. I read a lot. That’s a good thing. I just finished reading Roses are Red by Patterson. I started last night and was done tonight. That’s how I pass my time today. It’s a break from all the legal work and from thinking too much. I enjoyed myself.

I cooked lunch for Mike and I. With the limited ingredients I got, it turned out pretty good. I chopped up some peppers and carrots I got from the lunch bag. I cooked the noodles and the meat log separately. Then I added seasoning and mixed everything in a chip bag. Mike liked it and wanted me to do it again. I don’t mind. We just need the ingredients.

I have some letters to write tomorrow to solicit support letters from friends. I need their help urgently. My time is limited since my BPT report is due on 10/14/02. Hopefully things will work out.

A and the kids had their demonstration at city hall today. I prayed for their success. I’m ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-13-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 13, 2011

I was ready for yard after workout. However, there was a shake down. No yard. That’s twice this week.

I was called for ICC as expected. I waited for a while with my statement ready. Then by the time I went, counselor E found out that I did get a 115 and it wasn’t heard. He said he’ll call me next week. I haven’t received my IE report yet. Counselor S sent me a note informing me that I’m scheduled for the December calendar for BPT (Board of Prison Terms.) I haven’t get my support letters ready yet. I’ll have to postpone the hearing until the situation is over and that I get all my support letters. I have to write letters over the weekend.

S sent me a postcard from Washington. She’ll be back tomorrow and try to come see me next week.

I got my 9/4 602 back, rejected because It’s a duplicate, but it’s not. The appeal’s coordinator is screening out my 602s, violating my due process. I’ll keep at it.

I kicked back the rest of the day reading. I look forward t another day. I pray that A and the youth will have a successful demonstration tomorrow.


*This is a reflection from 9 years ago today.

From: 9-12-2002

Reposted on: Sep 12, 2011

I can never get enough of encouragement from friends and family. Yuri wrote and sent me a reading by a congresswoman. She expressed her concerns about my Ad Seg situation. She encouraged me to write. She sent another visiting form for approval. I wrote her back and explained my situation.

Mom wrote. She had a great trip. She worried about me as usual. I wrote her a brief letter telling her what’s new with me. I’ll write again on Sunday.

A wrote. That was a pleasant surprise. She offered to do the website for me. I’ll take up her offer.

I sent five letters to politicians. Hopefully I’ll get some response. I wrote to Polanco, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, and Nation. I finished reading Zami and started reading All That’s Solid Melts Into Air and Chinamen.

Rico gave me some soups and so did Mike.

The day was productive. I went to the law library and made copies and did research. I wrote my statement for the ICC, just in case. I heard from the lawyer. He did the best to help me. I got a note fro the ERO concerning my citizen’s complaint.

I did a light workout in the morning before shower. I feel better receiving letters from family and friends.

The future is unknown, but I’m ready. All is well at the end. I have to have fate.

From: 9-11-2002

Reposted on: Sep 11, 2011

Finally, I received a letter, from France at that. I recognized the handwriting. D was visiting friends there. She’s back now. I’m glad she always had me in her thoughts. I didn’t get anything else from friends. I also hope that CC would come visit me today, but he didn’t. I still don’t know if B has received my request. Oh well, things will progress as well.

I finished reading Lorde’s book Zami. I got to know her life and her writing style. I still need to read more of her writing to see her political side.

Today is the first anniversary of the WTC (World Trad Center) and Pentagon bombing. I’m sure there are a lot going on out there in the free world. In here things are the same, locked up 24/7 and noisy. It’s just another day. I have no TV, radio, newspaper, so I don’t know much about the happenings of the world. See no evil, hear no evil.

G dropped by briefly to say hi. It’s good to see somebody especially a friend.

I thought about D for a while this afternoon, just reminiscing and wishing. How much things have changed since then!? I’m sure we’ll meet again.

I did a little study on Statistic. That was good.

I have been eating and not exercising. I was more disciplined the first couple of months. Another 24/7 passed.

From: 9-10-2002

Reposted on: Sep 10, 2011

No letters in, no letters out. I didn’t make it to the library so I couldn’t send the letters out to the politicians. Things didn’t go smooth today. Yard was cancelled due to search in Downer section. I was disappointed, but I didn’t get bent out of shape. I’m way passed that stage. The next two days I’ll be spending them in the cell except for shower or visit.

I finished reading Zia’s book. I enjoyed the history lessons and her memoir. I learned many new facts. I read the book in four days. I’m glad New York sent me that book.

CCI E dropped by around 12:00 to give me the 128-B notice for ICC on Friday considering for my transfer. I haven’t been to my 115 hearing yet. It’s a conspiracy staged by the administration to get rid of me. Mike got the same notice. I’ll fight it all the way. Hopefully the Marin Court will help me out.

I slept, ate and read all day. I did a little writing to the lawyer. Hopefully he can help me too. I’m looking forward to hearing from J and Mom.

From: 9-9-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 09, 2011

Today is the first time I didn’t shower when it was my turn. I slept in. Then I read Zia’s book. I learned a lot about the Asian American movements. The lack of unity is still prevalent today among different Asian groups. That will always exist when the goal for people is to become rich. I want to finish reading the book tomorrow. I stop in between to write the letters to the politicians. I have a couple more to go.

My I.E. Officer C came by and told me that I can only have 3 witnesses. She said that’s what “they” told her. Well, there is no limit to how many witnesses I can call according to the Title 15. I reluctantly chose 3 inmate witnesses and 3 outside witnesses. They’re violating my rights. I signed a declaration on what’d transpired. “They” will pay for their violations.

My food stock is running low, but I still eat plenty. I rested my body today. Everything is going to be all right – in the morning. I didn’t receive any mail today. I should get a letter from J soon. I haven’t done my studying on the Statistic course. I can’t concentrate on it right now. I do need to start again. At least do my first lesson homework. I also need to study my Spanish just to refresh my vocabularies.

From: 9-8-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 08, 2011

It’s always nice to be out on the yard with friends. We played a few games of basketball. I had a good sweat. We have to start working out. I had my hair trimmed by H.

My mind is not thinking logically. I took a nap in the afternoon. The rest of the day I read Zia’s book. I felt my blood boiling and moist in my eyes when I was reading the section on Vincent Chin. I can identify with what she wrote in the book of her experience. I’m glad I got the book because I’m learning history.

I didn’t write today. Tomorrow is another struggle.


*This reflection is written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-7-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 07, 2011

It’s a down day so I slept in. I was hoping for a visit, but no one showed up. That’s how I put myself in a conflict. I don’t want to bother people to come see me, but I hope that someone would come.

I read Lorde’s book. In the afternoon, I got three more books. I picked up Helen Zia’s book “Asian American Dreams” and flipped through the back pages. In the acknowledgement section I saw M’s name. It was a coincident that I looked in the back. I’ll write to her and mention my discovery. I read 40 pages of the book. It’s a history book combined with her memoir and thinking or the other way around. Reading the book made me thought about writing my own. Maybe one day it will happen. I ate a lot more than I should have, but I kept doing it. My cold is almost gone. I should be fine tomorrow.

I wrote a letter Nancy Pelosi. I’ll mail it out when I get copies of attachments. J asked me for some legal advice. I did my best to help him. I also helped my neighbors out on coffee and soups. I don’t mind helping, but I dislike being used.

Rico went to his 115 hearing and was found guilty, but it was reduced to a 128. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m feeling…


*This is a reflection written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-6-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 06, 2011

“Whenever a prisoner goes to ICC (Institution Classification Committee,) it is his or her legal right to receive a 72 hour notice so he or she can prepare for any committee hearing that will dictate his or her wellbeing. However, prison officials are notorious in violating prisoners of their rights of notification. Unfortunately, most of the prisoners do not understand their rights or how to exercise them. As a result, prison officials usually get away with knowingly trembling on prisoners’ rights. “

I feel better physically. I played basketball with the guys for a couple of hours. Then I felt tire and weak. We talked briefly and just enjoyed each other’s company. B finally made it to the Big yard.

The Officer who escorted me to yard asked if I want to go to ICC or yard. I was surprised because I didn’t get any notice for ICC. I told Sgt. G that I’m not refusing to go to ICC, but I need 72 hours notice. I’m assuming that Counselor E got my 602 and decided to take me to ICC. I’ll be ready when I go.

I read for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel like writing. I read “Zami,” Audre Lorde’s book. My eyes are paying the price. I like the book because of her writing. I will write like that when I write my book.

CC sent me a copy of the Warden’s letter in response of his letter. That might be another reason why I was scheduled for ICC.

My court deadline for access to my property 602 is on the first level. I have a bunch of Citizen’s Complaints on the prison. They keep violating my rights.

I’m still eating like crazy. I’m not hungry when I eat. I just like to eat. I will rest some more and get well by Sunday for the workout.

*This is a reflection written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-5-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 05, 2011

My right fingers and hand are sored form printing letters all night.

I drafted and rewrote my letter to the Lawyer committee for Human Rights. I also sent one out to Senator Burton, Assemblyman Aroner, and the Inspector General’s Office. I asked for their intervention in defending my civil rights. I will send more out on Sunday to other politicians. I sent my 602 out on 3135 (section of the Title 15.)

I received a letter from K. It must’ve been a delayed letter. She said she saw LM on PBS one day.

I had a productive night. Something’s going to break soon. I have to stay focus and keep fighting for my rights.

I’m still sick, but I got better. I rested all morning. I finished reading “The Sun.” I like this magazine. Hopefully I’ll be well tomorrow so I can play ball and exercise. I ate a lot throughout the day. I still sneeze from time to time.

May all my friends be well. My family be healthy and happy.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

From: 9-4-2002*

Reposted on: Sep 04, 2011

Somehow I caught a cold today. My nose is running a little. I think it’s because I got out of bed early in the morning and got cold.

P left this morning around 2am to Avenal Prison. He was expecting the call. I just woke up in the middle of my sleep and heard that he was leaving. He’s an interesting character and a good person to befriend. I wish I had known him earlier. I said goodbye to him. Then I went back to sleep.

I didn’t even eat breakfast. I had a good nap. Then I ate a bit in the morning and afternoon. I read “The Sun” magazine and lay in bed. I waited until after dinner before I write my letters.

I received a letter from A, AY, and C. A gave me an update and some encouraging words of wisdom. She made me feel hopeful and excited. I wrote her back and thanked her. I wrote to AY and told him I’ll have L contact him. He sent me the article he wrote. He said a reporter from a local news station wants to use my situation to make his point. I wrote to Sis and asked her to call him, call KW and help me with my parole. I told her how I feel about my freedom. Hopefully she can understand where I’m coming from. I also told G the same thing. I asked for her help. I asked her to contact A and help her. I probably sounded pathetic in the letter, but I don’t care. I want to go home.

G dropped by. We just chatted about things. Rico got his I.E. He’s ready to start the hearing process. I hope he did the right things. Mike asked if I did my writings. I told him I’ll do them tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them done and make copies of them.

My hand is tired from writing and my back’s tired from sitting. I took a 400mg of IBprofen to help with my cold and muscle pain from yesterday’s workout. I know Rico’s hurting.

C sent me the article on me. He was thoughtful. I appreciate it. Time for bed.

From: 9-3-2002

Reposted on: Sep 03, 2011

It’s been a tiring day because I didn’t get a chance to nap. Rico and I shot around with the basketball for a while. I didn’t feel energized after that. After we walked around a bit, we did some burpees. Rico had to stop because he’s not used to this exercise. We did some yoga afterward. Mike’s still sick so he didn’t do anything. It was cool outside.

After yard, I ate and read Audre Lorde’s book for a while. Then I was called for law library. I went and did some research and made some copies. Mr. J thinks that I’ll be transfer also. We’ll see.

Dinner was delicious. It was two pieces of chicken breasts. My favorite. I had sweet fruit slices for dessert.

K’s book Capoeirea got here, but I couldn’t have it. It was not sent from the vendor. I had to send it back. I wrote and told her what happened and sent her a copy of the Chronicle article.

I submitted my 602 of 7/14. I sent the trust withdraw (a form uses to retrieve money from my account) to the mailroom. I received “The Sun” magazine. I sent the lawyer a letter. He helped me with the 602.

I’m tire physically. It was a productive day. I need some rest.

From: 9-2-2002

Reposted on: Sep 02, 2011

I just received my citizen’s compliant that I filed on 7/14. The response was never return to me until now. I asked Officer U to sign for the delivery date. That way they can’t say that I had exceeded the time constraint. I sent a 602 citizen’s compliant to the Employee Relations Officer T.R. I had to resubmit the 602. I attached the 114D lockup order and CC’s letter on retaliation. Hopefully I’ll get things straighten out.

I wrote to C. I gave her and R the best advice I know – to let go. I hope I’ll see her soon so we can talk about her feelings.

It’s a lazy day. I slept in the morning after shower. Then I read the economic book. I didn’t start writing until after dinner. I started to rewrite my shower experience. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it this week. I was going to write to G, but I decided to wait for her to visit.

Things will work out accordingly. May all my family and friends be well.

From: 9-1-2002

Reposted on: Sep 01, 2011

The first of September started out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining early. It felt more like summer.

Rico had an early visit. His Mom came up to see him.

I played “Around the World” and a couple of games of 21. My shooting has gotten better. Liebb would be surprised if we get to play basketball together again. I always got my sweat on yard days. Mike wasn’t feeling well so he just kicked it with P and when B came out. B gave me the S.F. Chronicle article that mentioned my parole situation. I didn’t trip until I was talking to Rico about it. The author was positive. I hope he’ll follow through to help me. H cut my hair. I’ve been waiting three weeks for it. He did a good job considering he didn’t have all the necessary tools.

I took a nap in the afternoon. I have been eating too much. I know I say that everyday. I don’t find the need to discipline my eating yet. I showed P my defense statement. He liked it. I’m ready.

The night just passed by. I was planning to write a poem and the shower experience, but I didn’t make time to do it. I gave Rico some stamps. He’s eating a lot also.

I have plenty to do tomorrow.

From: 8-31-2002

Reposted on: Aug 31, 2011

August is over. The coming month is full of uncertainties. I know that good things are awaiting me. It’s all about living in the present. Or else, I won’t be able to overcome my setbacks and obstacles.

Mom and Dad should be back from their trip. I’m sure they had a great time. They deserve it.

I did a few sets of arms and chest before shower. I read a little and went to sleep. The rest of the day I spent on rewriting my defense statement. I’m satisfied with the revision. My right hand is sored from all the writing. I ate a lot throughout the day. I can’t gain any weight still.

The days are moving in a fast pace. I hope for someone to visit me, but I didn’t get one. I don’t trip. Things will happen accordingly. I wish all my friends and family are in good health.

From: 8-30-2002

Reposted on: Aug 30, 2011

It’s late. The gun cop is yelling sexual slurs to the prisoners and the prisoners are yelling back at him.  This happens every night when the cop B is working. If it’s not them, it could be the P.C.s and dropouts on first tier talking loud after shut down.

I just finished writing my defense statement using my lawyer’s suggestions. I have been at it all night. It ended up being five pages double space. It’s a very strong statement. Any impartial person looks at the statement and facts will exonerate me. However, the administration doesn’t play fair. It will use all means necessary to get rid of me. As G said, “I might lose the battle, but I’ll win the war.” I hope he’s wrong and I win both. I talked to him for a while. It breaks the monotony.

I went to yard and played ball with Rico and Mike. We got our sweat on, but we haven’t work out together yet. We played two games and some Horse. Rico finally got a haircut since he’s in the hole. I’ll get mines cut eventually. It’s cold out until almost yard recall.

Rico shot me the Maxium mag. I read it in the afternoon. Officer T gave me another book from Ohio on Statistic. I haven’t had time to get into it. I got a Chinese dictionary and Spanish dictionary from the library. They helped me to write letters.

I’m staying up late for the first time willingly. It’s Friday. Rico gave me some stamps. I’ll be all right for a while.

From: 8-29-2002

Reposted on: Aug 29, 2011

It was so noisy during parts of the day I had to use my earplugs. They helped filter the direct assault to the ear drum.

Mr. K came by to give me info on the use of calculator. He said he talked to Captain N about it. Captain N said that I would be out of here in a week after my 115 hearing. I guess he or the administration had a plan to get rid of me. That’s their thinking. We’ll see. Mr. K said J, the Columbian, said hi to me. He read my article and is an A student majoring in engineering.

My I.E. is C/O C. She came by to get statements from me. I asked for a staff assistance and signed for it. I gave her my witnesses list and questions. She asked if I had a statement. I told her I’ll bring it to the hearing. I hope she does her job to get the necessary information.

I spent the rest of the day writing letters. I wrote to K and tanked her for the book. She’d shared some of her personal info with me. I wrote to P and kept her updated. I also asked her to ask C to write me.

When the C/O came by to pick up mail, he gave me a rerouted letter. It’s from C. she finally bought herself to write after Josh (A close friend who had died in prison.) passed. She’s thinking about him daily. Josh’s passing made her very sad. She had a special connection with Josh. I should’ve been there for her. I found mist in my eyes as I was reading her letter. I’ll write her back over the weekend.

I received a letter from K. She’s willing to help me with writing support letters and petitions. I asked her to wait till I get more info from my friends. She told me D and A said hi. I was happy to hear that. I wrote her back. I wrote to J and told her how I felt about her relationship with ZY. I know it’s not going to work, but it’s up to her to figure things out. I wrote to Mom and gave her the news with my situation. I want to prepare her mentally. She’ll be all right.

I received more info on preparing my defense on the 115. Based on evidence and facts, I should beat the 115. The administration is not going to like that. I’m going to be all right.

My back is still bothering me. I need to take better care of myself. I did some exercises before I shower this morning. I need to be more discipline in working out. I’ve been eating a lot.

Mike went to the law library. The copy machine was down so he couldn’t make any copies. He said CC’s pissed at him. I don’t know why. I hope he’d received my letter and documents. I need his help to get the deliberations.

May the spirit of the creator help me and continue to protect me.

From: 8-28-2002

Reposted on: Aug 28, 2011

I wasn’t able to write too many letters tonight because I spent my time finalizing my defense statement. I’m almost ready for the hearing unless something more helpful comes along.

Counselor came by in the morning and dropped off another copy of the redacted 40 page supplemental document. I asked him for a staff assistant and  an I.E. He said he’ll see what he can do. I also asked him when will I be going to ICC. He said as soon as the 115 is heard. It might be a week or two.

I read the econ book for a while. I learned more on the things of economists. I can talk to the teenagers about it.

My lower back is stiff. My knees hurt and my body is scratched up. I need to heal myself before it gets worse.

I received six letters today. Mom, J, B, K, P and S wrote. K sent me a book on Caprera. I hope I’ll get it. She used some heat sensitive paper to write tome. It’s cool. J is back in Beijing. She has to deal with her situation with ZY. I’ll help her sort her thoughts out the best I can. She has to make the final decision. I hope she’d received my letter by now. Mom wrote before she left for the trip. Things are getting better at home. That’s good. S wrote and talked about girls and how hard it’s to get a job. He’s in a less desirable situation because of his lack of education and instable mindset. He thinks highly of me. I appreciate that. B finally wrote. She’s taking a trip to Spain in a few weeks. She asked about writing and how I get my ideas. I asked her to come see me. P told me about her family, R and C. I like her way of expression. I’m glad she’s my friend. I have plenty of writing to do tomorrow.

It’s been a productive day. I felt good receiving all the letters.

From: 8-27-2002

Reposted on: Aug 27, 2011

It was extremely nice outside today. We played a couple of basketball games. I had a good sweat. We stood around and talked to P for a while. We didn’t get a chance to workout. It felt good being in the sun for a bit. The next two days we’ll be in the cell.

I read the Harper’s Mag for a while. I took a nap in the middle of all the screaming. I was tired.

G dropped by to say hi. I received a letter from A. she’s checking in. I wrote her back and kept her updated. I got a form letter from W on the class action on parole hearing denial. I also got a letter from L.A. Achieves. BPF (Buddhist Peace Fellowship) sent me another issue of the Turning Wheel. The mail only took three to four days. It was quick.

I looked at my defense statement again after Mike showed me his. I need to rewrite it to make it better. I’ll be ready. I have too much to do.

From: 8-26-2002

Reposted on: Aug 26, 2011

I know that I am repeating myself, but the day just went by quickly. I don’t have a specific routine that I followed. Each day is different in terms of what I do in the cell.

My I.E. (Investigative Employee is assigned to assist a prisoner to gather information before a hearing.) showed up by the door around noon. It was Officer D. She started asking me questions regarding my statement for the 115. I told her I need a staff assistant. I also asked has she done the I.E. work before. She said once. I then told her that due to the complexity of the 115, I would like to have someone with more experience. She was cool with it and left. Apparently she’s Mike’s I.E. also. I didn’t know if I had made the correct decision not accepting her as my I.E. she seemed like she’s willing to do the work. I feel it would be better if we have different I.E. so they can spend more time helping each one of us. I hope I’ll get someone who is impartial and do a thorough job. I went through all the related sections in the Title 15 again.

G came by and I showed him my statement and witness questions. We talked for a while.

The rest of the day I rewrote the statement, read, wrote a letter to A. he’s approved to visit me. I sent him a copy of the approved notice. I don’t know what happened to Yuri’s visiting form. She sent it in before A. Maybe I’ll get it this week. I hope we’ll have yard tomorrow.

From: 8-25-2002

Reposted on: Aug 25, 2011

It was the first day Rico was able to go to group yard. I was able to give him a couple of big hugs. However, I didn’t get a chance to talk to him because the yard was closed early. A fight broke out between two African Americans. I did what I could to stop them, but they didn’t listen so I got out of the way. A punch was thrown, the alarm sounded, and police with block guns and pepper sprays were everywhere. The yard was recalled at about nine o’clock. I didn’t get a chance to exercise or kick it with Rico. I was ready to play some ball too.

I spent the day writing out my statement and asked Mike’s input. I’m getting ready.

I finished writing to O. I wrote 1,280 Chinese characters.

The day went by relatively fast. I haven’t had a chance to do my correspondence material or read books for leisure.

I hope I don’t have to be here until October. I wonder why no one came visit?

From: 8-24-2002

Reposted on: Aug 24, 2011

I haven’t been able to get a good workout during shower days. It’s too early in the morning. With the consistency of yard, I get enough exercises by playing basketball.

I did some reading in the morning. The rest of the day I spent reviewing my defense on the charge. I finished going through the 40 page supplemental report. The investigators lied through their teeth on the redacted document. I should show a preponderance of evidence to dismiss the charge, if I get an impartial hearing officer.

It’s a down day and quiet. I started a draft letter to A. It’s a challenge to write in Chinese using the old writing. Plus I can’t remember some of the vocabularies. I’ll do my best.

My neighbor was moved out of his cell. He belongs in the hospital.

From: 8-23-2002

Reposted on: Aug 23, 2011

All afternoon and night I have been working on preparing my defense for the 115. I did researches on the necessary sections from the Title 15 that apply to my defense and appeal. I went page to page from the 40 page supplement to refute the investigation’s false statements and lies. They twisted things around and manipulated words and statements to portray me as a liar. In fact, they are the liars. I was able to get a lot accomplished.

I had yard this morning and had a chance to talk to Rico for a bit. He went to ICC concerning his parole denial and yard status. He’ll be with us on Sunday. Mike and I played three games of basketball. We were on opposite teams. I won two out of three. My shots have been going in. The practices paid off. Porter helped give me some ideas by talking out loud.

G came by and we talked for a while. I didn’t receive any mail today. I did get a book from the library request. I have plenty to read now. C/O T delivered 14 photos from ISU. I gave him my 602 on the property and deadline. He responded on the informal level.

From: 8-22-2002

Reposted on: Aug 22, 2011

My right hand is cramping from writing for a few hours straight. Time went by way too quickly. The noise didn’t even bother me because I was concentrated on writing.

At 12:45 this afternoon, I was given my CDC 115 along with a 40 page report on the result of the investigation by C/O S. he read the charge to me. I asked for an I.E. and signed the request. After I read the report which mainly deals with Mike’s situation, I had a better idea of what the ISU had. Some of the statements pertaining to me were not true. I have to depict the whole document and refute the charge. Mike and Rico both received 115s; Mike’s for conduct and Rico for gambling. They’re messing with Rico by giving him another 115. They always will fabricate evidence and twist the truth. Now I have to defend myself.

I went to law library and did my research and made copies and sent to my lawyer. Hopefully I can win this thing.

I received a few letters today. I received a letter from S. she just wrote a short not to say hi and wonder if she can visit. I wrote back and asked her to come up. A guy named AJ wrote me. He wanted me to call him concerning my parole situation. He was a Bible study teacher in B-5 (Youth Guidance Center in San Francisco.) I don’t remember him. I told him what happened to me and asked him to write me. O wrote and sent me a picture. She graduated from Yale with honor. She’s going to be in Hong Kong studying for a year. She’s extremely smart. She wrote the letter in Chinese.

CC sent me the letter he sent to the Warden. I wrote him and sent him all my documents. I also sent him my poem to share with others. I hope he can help me.

GM wrote and said she’ll visit soon. I appreciate her reply and willingness to help. I need all the support from outside. I sent her my poem and gave her a brief update.

I sent Mr. W a copy of my 115. I wonder what he’ll do. It seemed like he doesn’t care about my situation. He hasn’t been a good legal consult to me.

My 602 on getting my property was returned to me. It was not process as an emergency 602. They’re playing games and denying my due process. How can that not be considered as an emergency 602 when I have a court deadline?

I received my Harper magazine. It’s been an active day. I only did a light workout because lack of time before my shower.

I’m glad things are moving. May we come out victorious in the end. God bless us and our families and friends.

From: 8-21-2002

Reposted on: Aug 21, 2011

Noise has become part of my daily companion. I don’t know how my eardrum handles the level of noise, but I’m aware of it. My neighbor did not act out last night or today. I realized from talking to him that all he needs is someone to talk to when he’s stressing. We were able to have a decent conversation. He said he started doing some of the yoga exercises. I’m glad to hear that.

I received another letter from Mom. She just wanted to respond to my letters before she leaves for her trip. She gave me some advice and asked me to be a regular guy. I will do my best to do that after this chaos is over. I need to go home and be with my family.

I got my stamped copy of the Denial back. Hopefully it’s enough for the judge to grant me an evidentiary hearing.

I rested my body today. I study statistics for a while. It was too noise so I couldn’t concentrate. It took me a long time to study three areas. I also received a catalog from Ohio University.

I read the econ book during my breaks. I like it.

From: 8-20-2002

Reposted on: Aug 20, 2011

Around four-thirty this morning I was up. My neighbor MS got his bus ticket. He has 121 years to life to do. I wish him luck. Now I have a new neighbor who has a mental condition. He bangs on the bed and yells out loud. He’s stressing. Other people taunt him. I don’t know how he feels, but I empathize with him. I feel blessed that I don’t have his condition. I gave him a book and two magazines to read. He has been quiet.

I received a letter from Mom. She’s traveling out of the country with Dad to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. She told me she saw S and his girlfriend. She said he’s lucky. She also said that her and Dad are not getting healthier, but getting older and in deteriorated shape. She wants to see me home next to her so she can love me. I felt a sadness that prompted me to give up everything so I can be home with her. I don’t want to wait too long before they get too old. I want to go home.

Rico found that the BPT took his date. I feel sorry for him too especially under these conditions. He will win his freedom and more because the prison officials totally violated his rights. I sent him a note to show him my support.

G was in a hurry today so we talked briefly.

I wrote a letter to A just to say hi. I forgot to ask him about the visiting application. He hasn’t tried to contact Mom yet.

Mike and I played three games of basketball today. We lost two. His blister came back because he doesn’t have a pair of tennis shoes. I jammed my neck and am sored now.

I wrote a 602 on ICC not taking me to committee every 30 days. I also wrote out all the 602s I’ve filed since I’ve been in the hole. I wrote to the appeals coordinator about my two unresponsive emergency 602s. They’re violating my due process right continuously. I still haven’t received any paperwork yet. I want to get this thing over with.

I rewrote my poem. I’ll make a copy then send it out to friends.

I’m tired from the day’s activities. I’ll get to rest my body tomorrow.

From: 8-13-2002

Reposted on: Aug 14, 2011

Someone in the mailroom returned the letters I sent to J stating that it “must be in English.” I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time my letter was delay because of that. I wrote a note to whoever wrote the note about the delay. I hope that’ll settle it without further complication.

I received the originals of my ex parte from my lawyer. He has put work in. he did the whole denial for me. I’ll have to make sure I get all the instruction from him before I send them out. I have time to meet the deadline.

I sent the 602 in for my property issue after I made copies. I sent another 602 for the access and return of my legal property.

Liu sent me a photo and a letter. He’s doing all right. I will keep in touch with him. He changed his name to Lucky. I’ll be there one day to visit him.

I’m tired. I’ve been out of the cell most of the day. I went to the yard, play one game with Mike, worked out, and practiced rebounding while Mike shot the ball. I enjoyed the time out there.

G and Fr. P dropped by to say hi. Not much to say but exchange greetings.

I then went to law library with Mike and Rico. I prayed for Rico because BPT was holding a hearing to determine whether they will take his date. He’s getting a raw deal, but he’ll win eventually.

I read over the denial. It was written well. I feel sleepy. I haven’t receive my letter from other friends and Mom. I hope all is well.

From: 8-12-2002

Reposted on: Aug 12, 2011

The letter I sent to J was returned to me because I’m short 40 cents. It ruined my surprise.

I received my copy of ex parte for request appointment of counselor and an extension to file the denial. Hopefully the court will grant my request. I need access to my legal materials from my property to file the denial.

K wrote and expressed her concern. She read my story and passed it along her friends. They responded well to it. I wrote and asked her to generate a petition for me in support of my parole. That will help. I appreciate her friendship and support.

H sent me the Costal Post. I don’t have her address so I can’t write her.

I worked out early and showered. Then napped and read. I didn’t do my course study.

The night is almost over. I need to manage my time better.

From: 8-11-2002

Reposted on: Aug 11, 2011

I started my studying on the correspondence course. I did the math reviews as suggested. I’m ready to

to Mr. K informing him of the received material from Ohio.

It started out a little chilly in the morning. Finally, I was able to give Mike a hug after about two months. I want to give Rico a big hug. Mike and I walked get into the chapters tomorrow.

I wrote a note around for a while and played a couple of basketball games. He’s not in shape yet. We won one and lose one. Rico made it to Walk Alone. We chatted for a while. We don’t know what our future holds, but we will fight to the end.

I helped my neighbor with his grievance. The day went by fast. I enjoyed the sunshine and Mike’s company. I sent positive thoughts to my family and friends.

From: 8-10-2002

Reposted on: Aug 10, 2011

Not much going on today. I had a chance to work out a bit before shower. I didn’t get a decent sleep because the dropped outs on the first tier were talking all night. They have no self respect. I napped and read all day.

I should start my studies on the correspondence course. I’ll do it tomorrow. Rico got a visit from his family at twelve thirty. I saw Mike through the screens and bars briefly.

My neighbor sent me some vocabularies on Swahili. I’ll see how much I can learn. I haven’t touched my Spanish for a few days. I need to be more productive.

From: 8-9-2002

Reposted on: Aug 09, 2011

It’s been a long day and I’m tired. It’s hot right now at around nine o’clock. The last couple of days the weather has been hot. I went to yard today and the sun was out early. I played basketball for a while. My partner is not a team player. I practiced shooting the ball. I had a good sweat. Then I did my yoga exercises. I like the yoga exercises. I can do a headstand now. I need more practice to get better.

I got a couple of books from the library request form today. I got a yoga book and the Kerouac biography. I have plenty to read. I also got my Ohio University correspondence materials. They sent it about a month ago. I just now got it because the property officer kept it. I received a dictionary, thesaurus, text book, 3 writing tablets, 2 pens, a folder and other writing materials. I looked over the materials. It’s on Statistic on Behavior Science. I took statistic before, but I have to refresh my memory. It looks like a lot of work. I should set up a schedule to study and get the work done. Too bad I can’t study with Lefty. That’ll help. I need to take advantage of my time.

Mike went to ICC and was assigned to 2 yard. I’ll see him on Sunday.

G dropped by. We shared with each other on personal feelings. I learned new things about him all the time. It helped to talk to him.

I received my second level notice on custody issues. I’m getting my property appeal ready for the second level.

No mail today. I wrote and read since I got back from the yard. I talked to Blue for a while. He’s fighting for his. I heard S got out of the hole on Wednesday. I’m still tripping on the mistake I made by talking to the haters. When will I learn? I hope things somehow will work out for me.

From: History In The Making

Reposted on: Aug 08, 2011

This is truly a day the Lord has made. Not that I’m religious, but that’s what came to my mind as i reflect on today’s events.

Mayor Lee announced today that he will be running for re-election. Let the race begin.

CYC opened its branch office in the Bayview to begin a multi-cultural youth leadership program called the Bayview Youth Advocates to develop youth to become leaders of tomorrow by taking ownership of the community and lead by example to promote racial harmony.

My brother from another mother Marc and wife Linda begin their parenthood  by giving birth to Brendon Tokio Freedom Ching. Welcome to the world Brendon.



My neighbor and I had good conversations. He’s doing 127 years to life. How can someone do all that time? It’s a relief to know that he’s still staying strong and live his life.

I had a decent workout before shower. I didn’t complete the exercise. The cold shower at the end felt great.

J’s letter got here from L.A. She spoke of her parents and family member felt about her staying in China. I was able to speak on some of her concerns before she brought them up. I did what I could to share my views with her. I sent her the 30 page letter tonight. I also wrote to Mom just to say hi.

There was no law library today. Hopefully I’ll make it next week.

Mike is back in SQ. I was surprised when he yelled out my name. He was in AC (Adjustment Center) for three days. We chatted it for a while. He doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to stay. We’ll see.  I just want to move on.

I haven’t receive any letter from some expected friends. Hopefully they’re doing well. I saw Rico when he went to shower.

C/O T said he got some from Ohio University. I’m ready to start the studying on psychology 211, I think. I’ll be able to finish my course in good time with good grade.

From: Time Flies

Reposted on: Aug 07, 2011

Time flies when one’s having fun. That’s the saying people would hear sometimes. However, on August 7, 2002, I lost a day. I don’t think I was having fun at the beginning of my solitary confinement.

Today, i had fun camping with friends over the weekend. I shut down my phones and didn’t look at them for two days. That’s a rare and appreciated.

From: 8-6-2002

Reposted on: Aug 07, 2011

The last couple of yard days have been better weather wise. The sun started to come out early. I walked around with the guys and talked. It felt good to laugh at jokes and connect with people. I shot the basketball a little to warm up before I work out. I did some squat exercises. I talked to Filipino E for a while. He told me S went back to the Bay this morning. I enjoyed the fresh air.

I read for the rest of the day. I didn’t take a nap even though I was tired. My neighbor let me borrow his book, “Blood In My Eyes.” I also got “The Great Rebel Che G in Bolivia.”

I received a letter from SB. She’s doing her best to convert me to Christianity. She wrote four pages on how Jesus loves me and that I should accept him in my life. She said she’s God’s vessel to get me to believe in him. I appreciate her interest in me, but I think she’s trying too hard to convert me. She doesn’t understand any other way to survive except in Jesus. That’s cool with me, but I’m not there yet.

I got two reroute mail. The letter of confirmation on my admission from Ohio University came. I should be getting my course materials. An education advisor was assigned to me.

My 602 on the property and search issues came back. It was dated 7/26/02, but I didn’t receive it until tonight. I should have 15 days from today to file my response.

I didn’t write today, but I will tomorrow.

The day went by fast.

From: 8-5-2002

Reposted on: Aug 05, 2011

I had a lazy day. Because I didn’t know the schedule of the shower, I didn’t get to work out before. I ended up reading and napping all day. I didn’t feel motivated to write or brainstorm.

I read The Sun and enjoyed the stories. Rico dropped off some mags for me. Mr. K dropped me a note telling me that I’ve been enrolled for the correspondence course. I got a newsletter from L.A. Detention Ministry.

The day somehow went by. I talked to my neighbor for a while before shutdown. He got 127 years to life and is going to the Bay (Pelican Bay.) What’s left for him? I hope he’ll get action in court. We hit it off well. He has some good literature to share with me. I felt good talking to him.

From: 8-4-2002

Reposted on: Aug 04, 2011

It was nice outside this morning. It wasn’t overcast like the past week. I played basketball with the Brothers. My shots have been falling. I haven’t done any righteous workout since there were enough people on the yard to play ball. I did do my yoga exercises. Then I took a cold shower. I talked to the youngster K for a bit.

I took a nap after lunch despite all the noise. It’s much louder down here than on fifth tier. I had chicken and rice for dinner. The dessert was delicious. I wrote to A and sent her the free write. I haven’t thought about the ideas she brought up I will write after I get a letter from her. I wrote to AR and thanked her for the magazine subscription. I enjoy reading it. It has some good stories. Finally, I decided to write to G. I need to put whatever hang ups I had and move on. She’s willing to help me. I will not reject that. I hope she’ll come see me. I need to start getting ready for my parole hearing. She’ll be surprised to hear from me, I hope. I dropped Mr. K a note about my correspondence course. I’m ready to start.

I missed the view on fifth tier.

From: 8-3-2002

Reposted on: Aug 03, 2011

I moved to second tier and I regretted. I no longer had the beautiful view of the Bay, mountain, lights from houses, ferries, suffers and people rowing boats. I took my own bits of freedom away. Now I can only dream. It’s too late to feel regretful now. It’s a done deal. I didn’t know how good I had it until I moved to this cell on second tier. I had a lot of stuff to move. It took three people to make the trip down. I spent some time cleaning the cell. It was dirty and the toilet doesn’t flush well. The area is noisier than the fifth tier. My ears haven’t got a breath yet. The pros for moving are being closer to Rico. I can exercise better with the bunk set up and the Officers are better? I wished I hadn’t moved. I missed chopping it up with my neighbor. I’m sure C missed me also. I read the paper and rewrite the free write about A’s visit. I need to start thinking about the parole campaign strategy and write them down for A. I’ll get busy tomorrow.

May I get a good quiet sleep tonight?

From: Run Ed Run Already

Reposted on: Aug 01, 2011

The final rally to encourage San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to announce his run for re-election concluded at the steps of City Hall with hundred of people chanting Run Ed Run for the last time. The Progress For All collected 51,063 signatures to urge Mayor Lee to run. We hope that he will announce his running sometime this week. Because the sooner Mayor Lee declared his intention to run, the better for everyone.

I’m grateful to be apart of this historical push for Mayor Lee to run for re-election. My Run Ed Run co-chairs have been awesome in sticking together to work for a common goal of selecting the best Mayor to serve the people of San Francisco.


Finally, I was able to get on track in completing the burpe routine. My body was drenched in sweat. It felt good to be able to discipline myself to complete the routine. I’ll sleep well tonight.

I worked on my 602 for a while. I was able to finish it, made copy and sent it out. I went to law library and prepare for my denial. I have about twenty days left.

I received my copy of the Return from CC today. He asked me to stay strong. I appreciate that. I received another from J. It took sixteen days to get to me from Beijing. I’ll have a couple of weeks to write to her.

Rico and I talked for a while. He wants to start writing his autobiography. I hope his parole situation will work out for him.

From: 7-31-2002

Reposted on: Aug 01, 2011

It’s the last day of the month. From the way things are looking, I might still be here at the end of the August. Time is going by regardless of the location. I need to utilize my time more wisely. I haven’t been bearing down and reading and studying.

I laid back and read magazines all day. G dropped by to check on me. He’s always a pleasant surprise. It was exciting to see familiar faces.

I received a letter from J and K. J shared her dislike of her Mom’s certain actions with me. She was venting her frustration and asked for my advice. I’ll share my opinions on her situation dealing with her Mom. I value her trust in me. I wrote a little bit to her, but I’ll address her situation with Mom tomorrow. K sent her prayers my way after hearing what happened to me. It’s always good to know people support me no matter what.

At twelve today, I thought about the ten and a half hours left before the day is over. Now, it’s almost that time. That’s why I have to live the now.

From: 7-30-2002

Reposted on: Aug 01, 2011

It’s almost time to go to sleep. Would my journal entries consider free writes by the Design mind or Sign mind? I think most of them were done by Sign mind. It’s difficult in this sensor environment to use the Design mind. It’s possible, but not recommended.

It’s nice on the yard this morning. We finally get some sunshine. The whole month of July was mostly overcast. This is a strange summer. I played three games of basketball. It was good exercise. I did some abs and yoga to finish the workout. There’re nine people of our yard now. I enjoyed myself while I was on the yard because I was mostly occupied with activities. I didn’t have to think about the negative aspect of being in the hole.

As I got back in the cell, I was physically tired. At the same time, I felt a few moments of sadness not know what my future holds. It was not a feeling that I wanted to dwell on. I got over it after a few minutes. I think I’ll be feeling like that from time to time.

I received a letter from Mom. It only took six days. My mail are continued to be monitored and delayed. On the day of Mom’s writing, she hasn’t received my anniversary card yet. I told Mom that I had received all her letters. She told me how everyone’s doing at home. It’s good to hear from her.

I received a letter from CC. it was a copy of the group letter. I wrote him back and tanked him and give him a brief update. KW sent me a short note along with the warden’s response letter. It was vague and general. I gave K an update. I also asked him about my parole hearing and writ of habeas. He hasn’t been mentioning my writ for a long time. I don’t know what he plans to do. I hope he’ll take care of business.

I didn’t some reading, but didn’t get to write. I will start again. Little and I chopped it up for a while. He appreciate that I’m a good listener. I might move down to the second tier, but I don’t really want to. I have a good view and a good neighbor. If it happens, I’m cool. If not, I’m fine.

I appreciate the breath.

From: 7-29-2002

Reposted on: Jul 29, 2011

Another day has gone by. I was being productive after Mr. K’s brief visit. He came to check on the correspondence material. He asked if I was studying my Spanish. I said a little. After he left, I spent two hours studying Spanish. I need to do it daily since I have time. Mr. K will check with Ohio on the books for me.

T left early this morning. He was transferred without a warning. I hope he’ll be all right and get some actions in court.

I did a light exercise before shower in the morning. I didn’t take a nap during the day. I read the Progressive magazine. I enjoyed it.

I received my canteen. Now I have plenty to eat and dip.

G dropped by to say hi. I appreciate him for walking all the way to fifth tier to see me. I wrote a letter to N. Hopefully he’s out of INS, but I doubt it.

Since the Officer took my free write, I haven’t written. I haven’t written to J either. I’ll have to start again.

My neighbor doesn’t have anything because he’s new.  I gave him some stamped envelopes and writing paper. I’ll give him some snack and cosmetic tomorrow.

I had an all right, semi-productive day.

From: 7-28-2002

Reposted on: Jul 29, 2011

The back of my head hurts from an elbow during a basketball game. I played three two on two games this morning on the yard. There were a couple of new people on the yard. I had fun. I met Saeteurn who’s on Walk Alone. He’s here temporarily for shoulder surgery. He’s doing a SHU (Security Housing Unit) term in Pelican Bay. He’s a lifer. We talked for a while and got to know each other. He seemed pretty cool. We exchanged some books to read.

I wrote to P about Josh’s passing. I don’t know what to say about death of a friend or family member. I thanked Pat being great friends to us. I wrote N back and thanked him for writing. I told him about my inevitable transfer. I also wrote a letter to Mom and gave her a heads up. She’ll worry, but she’ll have to accept it. I don’t like to make her worry, but I guess I wasn’t trying hard enough.

I received my 602 response from D.W. on the violation of my due process right in Ad Seg. He denied any wrongdoing of course. I’ll file it to the next level.

I talked to my neighbor for a while. We talked about his plans to be with his family and start a new life. He shared his feelings with me on dealings with his son. I wish him well and success.

I’m still being haunted by my mistakes. That will never go away. I have to learn from them. People were wind surfing on the bay. I get lost just watching them. I get my spats of freedom here and there.

From: 7-26-2002

Reposted on: Jul 26, 2011

I was called for a visit at eight this morning. By the time I went to the visiting room, I was told my visit was cancelled. I don’t know whether my visitor cancelled it or the prison did. A is the only one I can think of to come see me early in the morning.

I went out to the yard and had my haircut. H gave me a little fade. It was cold out until the sun came out. I didn’t exercise. I kicked it with the guys and the Walk Alones. I did lots of talking. It felt good getting some fresh air.

I took a nap after lunch. G passed by to say hi. The rest of the day I read the newspaper. My neighbor’s gone so no more daily papers. I’m feeling pretty good under the circumstances.

I received a letter from N. He told me about A’s bike riding experience. It’s good to hear from him. A is riding without training wheels. Sis is busy as ever. J last letter from Beijing arrived. Her wallet was stolen. She’s been doing some reflection on her future staying in Beijing with her partner. Beijing is not a place for her to live and maximize her potential. I’ll write to her about it.

I need some rest.

From: 7-25-2002

Reposted on: Jul 25, 2011

I got down early to do my exercised. I had a good night sleep because I was tired. I had a dream about being at another place. It was wired because I saw M’s wife. Anyway, I had a good sweat. I still can’t do the whole workout yet. It’s not easy at all.

ISU got me for interview about quarter to eight. It was never pleasant. I was called a liar and uncooperative. There’s no more to talk about. They’ll write up a report when they’re done. I’ll have to face the music.

I didn’t get to shower today so I was smelly all day. I went to law library to do some research for the denial. The AG sent me the Return finally. He asked the judge to dismiss the whole thing. I sent the Return to my attorney to let him handle it. I should be able to argue the Return, but I need access to my legal work. We’ll see.

J sent me a letter from home. She’s back from a month. I’ll write to her before she leaves again.

I had a good talk with my neighbor. The night disappeared into darkness.

From: 7-24-2002

Reposted on: Jul 24, 2011

It’s a down day. I was expecting a visit from CC, but he didn’t visit me. He did visit Rico.

The morning went by quickly. I started to write my vignette in the afternoon, but I was escorted to ISU for interview. The whole thing took almost three hours. Lt. N and Sgt. M interviewed me. I didn’t consent to be recorded during the interview. I shouldn’t have talk to them at all, but I did. They will use what I said against me. They intercepted and copied the letter S wrote to me and the once I wrote to her. They tried to read something into our correspondence. They might call me back tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect.

I wrote to CC and W to give them an update. I hope CC will come visit me. I didn’t want to say too much in the letter.

I just received a card from P. She informed me that Josh died on 7/14. After thirty seven years he finally received his liberation from this earth. He paid for his debt and more. Now, he has to be in a better place. I respect his will to keep his dignity until the end. I’m glad that we’re friends. C must’ve taken the news pretty hard since she’s the only one who was closed to Josh. I wish her well. Maybe I’ll get to see her soon and talk to her.

From: 7-23-2002

Reposted on: Jul 23, 2011

The day went by so fast that I missed a day. I thought it was Wednesday. Yard was cancelled this morning, but the Officers never bothered to tell us. There was no reason to cancel yard except for the Lieutenant can do it.

I took a nap and started writing. I ended up doing a few yoga exercises. G dropped by briefly since he was in the area

I received a letter from B and Mom. I was smiling ear to ear after reading Mom’s letter. It’s good to know that she’s doing well. She sent me 20 stamps. I know how much she loves me. I wrote her back and tell her about A’s visit. B wrote her longest letter to me. She expressed her feelings on the negative comment I’ve got from Mr. W. I appreciate her support for me. I wrote to K and gave her a brief update. She’ll be shocked. I sent the letter to A along with the visiting form. I told him to go visit Mom when he has a chance. I was going to write the vignette on showers, but I didn’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it by Thursday so I can make copies and edit it.

I ate good tonight. I’m still full right now. I drank a lot of colored water. I appreciate the food. I wish I could have some rice with fish and some ice cold soda. I like the food to be hot. That would be a treat.

I chatted with my neighbor for awhile. It helped break up the time. I had a happy day.

From: 7-22-2002

Reposted on: Jul 22, 2011

I finished my autobiography poem. I’ll let my editor read it and see if he likes it. It felt good to get it done. I hope I’ll continue to write more creative pieces. SB from the Office of the Inspector General’s interviewed me. The interview was recorded and lasted about 15 minutes. She asked about the seizure of my legal material and the college proposal. I asked her office to investigate on the prison’s retaliation and violation of my rights. I’m glad that she’s doing something about it. I hope it will help my situation. Rico was also interviewed. I was too disoriented. I wished I was more relaxed.

G came by and we shared some experiences with meditation. I enjoyed talking to him.

I received five letters today. I was a happy camper. Lil Sis, A, B, K and J’s letter arrived. The letter average 10 days to get to me. The letters all expressed love and support for my situation. I felt loved. I wrote Lil Sis back and thanked her. I sent a 602 to the visiting to get some English visiting applications. A wants to come visit me with Yuri. He lives 4 blocks away from Mom’s house. It’s good to finally hear from him.

I stayed busy today. I didn’t get a chance to take a nap. I worked out early before shower. Canteen arrived this morning. I’m stocked up with snacks and food. I’m all set for another month. I’m feeling good.

From: 7-21-2002

Reposted on: Jul 22, 2011

It was windy and cold on the yard. I played a game of basketball with the youngster. He’s 21 years old and out of shape physically and mentally. I’ll do what I can to get him back on track. It’s always good being out of the cell. I talked to Blue for awhile. He talks too much, but he’s right on point on things.

I’m almost finished with my poem. I spent some time working on it.

I wrote to Yuri, B and P. They’ll be glad to hear from me. I want to keep up with my writing.

The days are going by. I’m conscious of it. I just don’t know what the future holds for me.

From: 7-20-2002

Reposted on: Jul 22, 2011

I worked on my autobiography poem for a couple of hours. It’ll take a couple of more drafts before it’s finished. It’s more difficult for me to write without a computer. I have been spoiled too long.

I did a light workout this morning before shower. The rest of the day I read magazine and newspaper. I ate a lot today just because I have the food. I took a couple of naps. The day just disappeared.

I have so much more writings to do. Hopefully I’ll get what I needed to do tomorrow finish. I didn’t get a good night sleep because Jay the mentally challenged guy talked to himself in maximum volume for three, four hours. That dude is loud. I feel sorry for him even though he’s very disturbing. All I can do is laugh.

From: 7-19-2002

Reposted on: Jul 19, 2011

We have had some consistency with the yard schedule for the past week. Let’s see how long that’ll last. I exercised on the yard after the sun came out. I shot some baskets and did leg exercises. I enjoyed the time outdoor.

The rest of the day I spent on reading. I didn’t do much of anything else.

I received a letter from P. She read my story and liked it. She’s outraged at the fact that I’m in the hole. She’s very supportive of me. Yuri sent me her visiting form and a few words. She said the visiting form was returned to her, so was M’s. I don’t know why, unless they sent them to the wrong area. I’ll try to handle the application for her. Yuri is only visiting one other person, Marilyn Buck in Dublin. I feel very honored that she would want to come see me. I hope I do get to meet her at least once.

It’s time for me to move on to a different level of consciousness. I’m ready to do my thing to go home and be able to maximize my potential to make a difference in society.

From: 7-18-2002

Reposted on: Jul 19, 2011

A surprised me by coming up to visit at 8 o’clock this morning. I got up early to exercise. I couldn’t do all the counts on the burpees yet, but I was sweating profusely. After I ate breakfast, I was called for the visit at 7:45.

As I walked to the East Block visiting, I walked pass the yard for Death Row inmates. I saw Charles Ng (a mass murder) standing by himself with a blank look on his face.

After I sat down in the room waiting for visitors, I observed the East Block visiting set up. The visitors are locked in a cage when they visit. I’ll write about that experience in a vignette form. It was good to see A. She cared enough to come see me. I kept her updated on my situation. We visited for about an hour and fifteen minutes. She said she’ll be back to see me. She subscribed The Sun magazine for me. I haven’t got it yet. I appreciate her support for me.

G came by briefly while Rico and I waited for the law library. We went to the library and did some research for appealing his 115. We were able to talk for awhile. I read through some sections in the Prisoner’s Handbook. I’ve learned a lot of legal stuff so far. Mr. J helped with the books. It’s good just chatting with him.

I finally got a letter from Mom. She laid a guilt trip on me. I know she’s going through some issues with Sis and Bro’s activities with work. She needs to talk to me about it. Everyone’s doing all right. She didn’t write sooner because she wanted to wait for after she called J and Sis call my attorney. Sis is in China on business. I know she’s busy. I sent Andrew a bday card and told him I love him. I sent Mom and Dad a happy anniversary card. I also sent Mom a short letter to let her know that all is fine with me.

Time went by too quick so I didn’t get a chance to respond to J’s letter. I’m getting tired.

From: Support the Pelican Bay Prisoners’ Demand for Human Rights

Reposted on: Jul 16, 2011

The 5 Core Demands

  1. End “group punishment” where an individual prisoner breaks a rule and prison officials punish a whole group of prisoners of the same race.
  2. Abolish “debriefing” and modify active/inactive gang status criteria. False and/or highly questionable “evidence” is used to accuse prisoners of being active/inactive members of prison gangs who are then sent to the SHU where they are subjected to long-term isolation and torturous conditions. One of the only ways these prisoners can get out the SHU is if they “debrief”—that is, give prison officials information on gang activity.
  3. Comply with recommendations from a 2006 U.S. commission to “make segregation a last resort” and “end conditions of isolation.”
  4. Provide Adequate Food. Prisoners report unsanitary conditions and small quantities of food. They want adequate food, wholesome nutritional meals including special diet meals and an end to the use of food as a way to punish prisoners in the SHU.
  5. Expand and provide constructive programs and privileges for indefinite SHU inmates—including the opportunity to “engage in self-help treatment, education, religious and other productive activities…” which are routinely denied. Demands include one phone call per week, one photo per year, 2 packages a year, more visiting time, permission to have wall calendars, and sweat suits and watch caps (warm clothing is often denied even though cells and the exercise cage can be bitterly cold).


Today I was out of my cell the longest since I’ve been in here. I didn’t even get a chance to take a nap as I normally would. It was chili and overcast this morning. I was out on the yard for about 4 hours. I walked, played ball, and did some crunches. It was too cold. This is the first time we got yard consistently. Time goes by faster that way.

Then I went to the law library for 2 ½ hours. I was able to make some copies and did some research. I need to get ready to file a return to the AG’s return. I’ll have to go back on Thursday. I found out the library schedule is very chaotic. Rico didn’t make it cause he didn’t turn in any request form. We’ll be going on Thursday if all is smooth.

I received my Harper magazine. I have way too much to read. I will share with others of course. I wrote CC an update letter. I hope I’m not being a pest. I wrote N a letter and told him my concerns. I asked him to write me back. G came by to say hi. He’s been doing a lot of climbing of stairs. I asked him to get me a bday card from the chapel.

After dinner, I worked on my autobiography poem. I’m not writing the natural way. I brainstorm and write down things that came to my mind. I’ll organize them later. I started to brainstorm on another poem. Hopefully I can have two first draft poems written. I have to make it happen. I need to write an article on my current situation.

My pain has lessened. I should be ready to workout again on Thursday. It’s been a good day. It’s time to relax and read today’s USA paper. I got some 3 cent stamps It’ll hold me for awhile.

From: 7-15-2002

Reposted on: Jul 15, 2011

No incoming or outgoing mail. I took two Ibuprofens (800 mg) before I went to sleep last night. They helped lessened my muscle pain. I had a better sleep and I dreamt. I didn’t exercise today before shower. I allowed my body to rest and heal so I can workout intensely.

I read, slept, and read. I waited until night time to brainstorm on writing my autobiography poem. I read the Hikmet poems to draw inspiration. I had many ideas brewing. I need to spend more time thinking and writing. It’s time to get creative. I have wasted enough days.

There is no new about anything. It’s all about the waiting. I put in my canteen list for 2nd draw. I got some food items to keep me fed well. I need to stay healthy.


From: 7-14-2002

Reposted on: Jul 14, 2011

This is the third day that my deltoids are in excruciating pain. I really overworked my shoulder muscles. I couldn’t move without feeling the pain. I went to the yard and jog and did some leg excises. I want to let my shoulder muscles to be healed before I team them up again. I did my Yoga exercise in the sun. It felt good, but I drew a lot of attention. My body is in good form. That naturally draws attention. I enjoyed my yard time.

I rested and read in the afternoon. I wrote to CC about the second anti-retaliation letter. I’m overwhelming him with all the paperwork and letters. I submitted another citizen’s complaint and asked for an Internal Affairs investigation in this whole matter. I don’t know what happened to the first one that I’d filed. I never got an answer. I hope this one will get processed.

I haven’t written to J or anyone. I’ll just wait til I have some news. I want this thing to be over with so I can start a fierce campaign for my freedom. My creative drive has been dry. What will it take for me to get it wet again?

Time is flying by.


From: 7-13-2002

Reposted on: Jul 13, 2011

I couldn’t move without feeling the intense pain in my deltoids. I went to bed early last night and was tossing and turning all night because of the pain. I had a dream that I can’t quite remember except of this lady name Tutu. I got up to do my exercise despite the pain since it’s shower day. It felt good after I warmed up and got a little pump.

I read the newspaper and Legacy to Liberation and the Turning Wheel. I didn’t do much of anything. Somehow the day just passed on by. I thought about writing , but didn’t do it. I wanted to think about the investigation, but I didn’t want to worry about something I have no control of. I’ll wait til I’m ready. I will call it a day.


From: Bonding

Reposted on: Jul 12, 2011

I wasn’t feeling well today, so my boss dropped me off at the Bart station so I can go home and rest. I took a nap and felt better.

Since I was home early, I was able to have dinner with my twelve year old nephew, who is home alone. He wanted to go eat alone because he wanted to play the computer. I asked him to stay to finish eating first. He listened. After we ate, we started talking about random things. He showed me one of his Facebook pages. I was amazed to find out that he has 5,000FB friends and 91 more friend requests. That is totally crazy. What are those teenagers doing? I need to look into that. So my nephew teaches me about FB fan page and Twitter and encourages me to create one for myself. I told him I would consider it. I was able to spend 3 hours alone with him, the longest ever. I appreciate that.


My body is sore from the cell workout yesterday as anticipated. I could feel the soreness every time I move my upper body. I did way too much and now I’m paying for it.

I feel sleepy right now. So I’m turning in early tonight. There was yard this morning until an institution recalled. The yard was cut short. I had an opportunity to get my hair cut by H. It took a while, but he did an all right job. It could’ve been better, but I appreciated. It will hold me for a month or two.

It was overcastted and chill outside. I was able to talk to my amigo for a couple of hours. I know it’s tough for him during this struggle. I wish him well.

G dropped him by and showed me the letter he wrote to Mr. W. It was an all right letter. He mistaken my age of arrest. I showed him the letter I wrote and gave him the article to read. It’s nice of him to drop by

Dinner was late due to the lockdown. It was burritos tonight so it was fulfilling. I read the USA today and Coastal Post paper. It had some good article to it. I received the second BOC letters. I will send them to CC Tuesday when I’m able to make copies.

Mr. J responded to my 602. He said I could’ve just dropped a note. If that was the case, he should have scheduled me earlier after I turned in the request weekly. I hope to straight things out when I see him.

No letters from Mom still or anyone else. I can’t trip about any of that anymore. Right now, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, but it looks like it’ll be awhile. The administration is blowing this way out of proportion. It’s very plain and simple, but the police mentality will not accept it. There’s nothing I can do. The truth will come out.


From: 7-11-2002

Reposted on: Jul 12, 2011

My shoulders are sore from the intense workout I did with the Latinos. I was sweating profusely from doing the different exercises. I couldn’t keep up with “Little.” I ended up doing about 500 push-ups and kicks. I haven’t done that much in years. My body is feeling it. It’ll get worse tomorrow. I need to get use to the exercises first before I can keep up. I hated it when I was doing it, but I felt good once it’s finished.

I still didn’t make it to the law library. The 602 was returned to me to send it to the first level. I gave it to the law library Officer.

I still haven’t heard from Mom.

Father O sent me a postcard from Maui. I received the Turning Wheel and a postcard from D. I received the Boninas paper H sent. I got a copy of my motion back. I got a notice form the Board of Control. It’s rejected. I have to pursue it later. I wrote to D and told her about my feelings on the weekly article. I told her to ask B.Y. for details of my retreat if she wants

I wrote a letter to a prisoner in China who is being mistreated by the guards and Chinese government. I sent her a card to let her know that I support her.

I did some reading, but not enough. I have too much to read now. I need to read and write.

There is no news on my status. It’s all about waiting. I gave Little the Fortune News magazine. He can share it with others.


From: 7-10-2002

Reposted on: Jul 10, 2011

I slept most of the morning away with the two mentally challenged guys yelling for hours.

I didn’t receive any regular mail. Still no word from Mom.

Officer T dropped off some property. They were seized from me on 6/13. There was no itemization of the returned property. T kept 13 books in the Hot property. He gave me 3 books, Legacy to Liberation, God of Small Things and Chinamen. ISU (Investigative Security Unit) still kept some of my photos, letters and paperwork. I documented the incident. One of the letters was from B. They didn’t forward it to me after they intercepted my mail. I wondered how much more mail ISU kept from me.

G came by and dropped off three books. We talked for awhile. I showed the letter from Mr. W (a person who read the SF Weekly feature article on and wrote a harsh letter) with him. He suggested that I don’t write back to him. He’ll write to him. I thought about it and decided to write a short letter. I wrote to Mr. W and sent him the poem I wrote for Mom. I hope he’ll accept my feedback. I was being very careful to avoid agitate him. I didn’t want to neglect his letter.

I wrote to CC and sent him a copy of my documentation on the property issue. I informed him of my speculation on the possible political tie. KW sent me back the copy of my AG (Attorney General) report for extension. He didn’t bother to write anything.

The cop F scanned my legal mail before she signed. I told her that she shouldn’t do that. She didn’t believe me. I’ll show her the Title 15 tomorrow. She’s violating procedures.

I wrote to J about my reaction after getting my property back. I read a letter she wrote to me in October 2001. It helped lift my spirit.

I have plenty to read and a lot of writing materials. I need to get busy writing. Somehow my mind is not focus. I don’t know why. I do need to break this drought. Somebody help me!


From: 7-9-2002

Reposted on: Jul 09, 2011

There is no consistence in the Ad Seg program. As I waited for yard release, the Officers were having a different agenda. They decided to do a building search on a yard day. So they went cell to cell to search.

I left for an attorney visit at around 10:10. I saw L for the first time as I walked by the upper yard. CC was visiting four clients today so I had to wait. The Officer turned the radio up so I can hear the music. It was the first time in a month since I heard music. I enjoyed the oldies sons that were playing. I wrote to J as I listened to the music. I waited an hour before I talked to CC. He gave me an update with everything. He told me B came up to see me, but was turned away. He has a good spirit about him. I asked him to call Sis to let them know that I’m all right. I appreciate his help.

I received two letters from CC. One was delayed because it was “mistakenly” processed as regular mail. I didn’t get the anti-retaliation draft letter on time. The other was copies of writing. I need to start writing myself.

Ohio State sent me a letter about the class. It said I’m talking Psy 221. I think Mr. K is trying to get me to do it so he can accumulate stats. I wrote Ohio back and ask it to double check.

I wrote to B and told her about the visiting schedule and the fan mail. George Warren wrote a negative letter on the Weekly article. I have to write him back tomorrow. I didn’t feel good reading the letter. I wrote to CC and thanked him for seeing me.

The night moved on. I also received the Fortune News magazine.


From: SHU – Human Rights Violation

Reposted on: Jul 08, 2011

As I share my reflections on my experience in solitary confinement, people in the SHU (Security Housing Units) of America’s Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) are living the reality of torture and dehumanization daily. The hunger strike in California’s prisons by those brave souls in the SHU are taking a stand for themselves and others by bringing the much needed attention on the prison system’s human right violation.

Please help support the prisoners’ effort in creating changes in the PIC regarding SHU.


It’s almost bed time. I’m sore from yesterday’s exercise on the yard. I got up early to do a light exercise. Surprisingly I got a good sweat.

I finished reading the Japanese book. There was book exchange, but I didn’t get any good books. The selection was poor. If you don’t know someone who will trade with you, you’re out of luck. G dropped by to say hi. We chatted for awhile. He saw the Correction’s book.

I received two books today. It was sent in May. It took awhile to get to me. I received a letter from Taiwan. CL got out and was deported to his country. He finally got his freedom. I wrote him back. M sent me a card. She’s consistent in writing me even though she just writes a few lines. I wrote her back and told her what happened.

I still haven’t heard from Mom. What’s up with that?

I have been eating a lot consistently. Hopefully I’m maintaining my weight and shape.


From: 7-7-2002

Reposted on: Jul 07, 2011

I wonder if J is back in the States right now. She’ll have plenty to read about once she get my letter.

What’s going on with Mom and the family? They’re probably doing well. I just can’t get used to them being so detached from me. It’s a good quality in a way, but I still would like to hear from them.

Finally, there was yard for today. It was beautiful outside. I shot some baskets and workout. I had a good sweat and pump. I’m getting in good shape. I had two hours of sunshine. It felt good.

I overslept this morning because I stayed up last night. I slept for two hours after I got back and ate lunch

I wrote a letter to CC and gave him an update and asked him to forward my info to my counsel. I submitted a 602 for denying my access to law library. I sent the letter out to lil sis.

The day went by fast. If there is any program consistency, the days would go by faster. I’m reading the book by the Japanese author. It’s a good read. I’m writing to get The Wretch of the Earth.

Another week has begun.


From: 7-6-2002

Reposted on: Jul 06, 2011

Another day went by quickly. I have been staying consistent in exercising on shower days. It helps to discipline myself to stay in shape.

I spoke to Rico briefly. He went to committee on Friday. He was put up for transfer because they said he might escape. What a lame exercise to get rid of him! I can’t imagine what’s been going through his mind. I hope God will protect him and let him go home.

I did some folding of paper hearts. It’s a good way to practice concentration and pass time. I made enough to make heart shape around the greeting card.

Officer F delivered a rerouted letter to me. It was post marked June 12. It took twenty five days for me to get it. The administration is messing with my mail. It’s ridiculous. I hate what they’re doing, but I can’t get upset about it. My little sister wrote me in Chinese. I appreciate her concern. I wrote her a five page letter to update her on my situation. May she be well.

I’m staying up way too late. Hopefully I’ll get yard tomorrow.


From: 7-5-2002

Reposted on: Jul 05, 2011

I realized that the administration is denying my access to the law library. I believe J.B. is behind all this because she saw Mike, Rico and I come back from the law library on June 20th. Despite my weekly request, I have not made it to the law library. That is another form of retaliation.

Yard was cancelled again. It’s normal routine every week. I only had 6 hours of exercise time out of 23 days. The staff just keeps on violating my rights. They do it because they’ve been getting away with it.

I still haven’t received a response concerning the violation of my due process right. I think the administration is concocting a conspiracy against me because I exercise my right to challenge its illegal policies. The truth will come out at the end. It needs to be held responsible.

I still have not heard from my family or folks I expect to hear from. I hope they’re well.

I had a good sweat after a light exercise. I took a Birth Bath and ate dinner. I dozed off for a few minutes and I felt a strong sense of loneliness. It’s a feeling of being depressed. It only lasted about a minute. I shook it off. That was not the first time I felt that way since I’ve been here. I hope I don’t feel it again.

I wrote a short reflection to J. I’m writing a little to her each day. I’ll send it to her when I know where she is.

I hope Mike is doing well in New Folsom. He’s Mom must’ve been worried. The heartaches we put our Moms through is immeasurable.


From: 7-4-2002

Reposted on: Jul 04, 2011

Tonight’s diner was the best since I’ve been in Ad Seg. It’s the holiday meal to celebrate the stealing of people’s land, genocide of Native American and oppression of people of color.

I exercised, ate breakfast and showered. That’s my morning routine on shower days.

The days are going by fast. I wrote a few letters to people. I wrote to Mom and Sis to keep them updated on my situation. I wrote to Moe to let him know I understand his concern. I wrote to KW and keep him updated. I wrote to CC and thanked him for assisting us. I told him about KW letter. Hopefully there is no conflict. I sent the opposition to ex parte for extension to the court. I appreciate my counsel for his continued support. He took care of business. I hope the judge will take action this time.

It’s been a good day. I studied the United Front Points of Unity.


From: 7-3-2002

Reposted on: Jul 03, 2011

Still no word from Mom so things must be all right.

It’s late at night and this African American brother is talking to himself. He’s smart and very articulate, but he is mentally disturbed. He had experienced some traumatic experience as a child. His Dad was illiterate and scolded him when he asked him to correct his reading. That affected him for life. I feel sorry for him and wish I could help under difference circumstances.

The day went by quickly. I read the USA Today and Kafka.

I wrote to J. I’ll send the letter to her when I know she’s back in China.

KW finally wrote a short note to me. He sent a letter to the warden asking about the investigation and possible transfer. CC also sent a letter to the warden. It’s a six page document concerning the retaliation and violation of our rights. The document was very detailed and well written. It’s the group complaint on the administration. The warden, Chief Deputy and CRM (Community Resource Manager) will get a copy. I’m glad that the attorneys are acting on our behalf. Their effort will help in our situation.

I haven’t received any letters from folks that I’m expecting to hear from. I know that they’re trying to protect me. I appreciate them. I still haven’t start writing creatively. It’ll come when I want to.

“Little” gave me five 37 cent envelops. He looked out for me since I’ve been here. That’s a blessing.

My body’s sore from exercising yesterday. I’ll workout in the morning before shower.

I’m doing well and eating well.


From: 7-2-2002

Reposted on: Jul 02, 2011

It’s late. I had to stop writing to J because my eyes are setting tired and my hand starts to cramp. I did some writings that required me to put time into thinking. J will have plenty to read about when she gets my letter. I received a letter from her tonight after eight thirty. It was rerouted to me from North Block. The letter was opened and read by some nosey C/O. I hate that. No respect for self. J sent a photo of her and her partner.

I received K’s response to my letter to her. She’s cool with me writing to her. She shared some thoughts of her view on how she deals with “the system” with me. I wrote her back and gave her my thoughts. We’ll be having some interesting correspondence.

I wrote to Yuri and share the news with her. She’ll be concerned but supportive. I know we’ll meet one day.

CC sent the AG’s copy back to me. He also sent me a postcard to give me a brief update on my motion. I appreciate his help.

I went to yard for the first time. It was windy and overcastted outside. I talked to Smoke for awhile and had a good dialogue. P talked too much. There were only five people on 2 yard. I shot some baskets and exercised. Rico was in Walk Alone for an hour. We talked for awhile. He’s been found guilty of his 115. That’s ridiculous. He’ll eventually beat it. G dropped by to say hi.

The day went by quickly. My mail is late and being read and I don’t like it. I still haven’t from Mom. What a trip!


From: Tolerance

Reposted on: Jul 01, 2011

My 12 year old nephew asked me this morning, “Uncle Eddy, were you robbed last night by a Black guy?”

I said yes and briefly shared with him what had transpired.

He inquired, “How come it’s happening to our family? MaMa (grandma) got robbed by a Black guy, you got robbed by a Black guy and Daddy got robbed by a Black guy.”

I said, “Sometimes desperate people do desperate things. This did not just happen to our family. It happened to our neighbors also. There’re many reasons why things happened.”

Before I can say more, he went back to playing with his dog and puppy.


It’s my shower day so I got an early start on my exercise. It felt good as always. I showered and ate breakfast. The cop surprised me by asking, “Shower or cigarette?” I couldn’t understand him at first until he explained. He has a bag of rolled cigarettes on him. If someone chooses the cigarette he will give up his shower. I asked why he did that. He said, “That way I don’t have to shower that many people. The sooner I finished the sooner I can go to my little room and sit down.” What a job!

I folded some heart shape origami to decorate the cell. It’s one way to pass time. Mr. K came by to visit. He wanted to check on my correspondence course status. He just got back from vacation and heard that I was in Ad Seg. The rumor he got was that I was caught with weapon. I laughed out loud when he said that. That’s the first rumor I heard so far.

I was hoping to receive some letters in the afternoon, but I didn’t. I felt disappointed and started to wonder why. Then I had to let it go because is out of my control. There’s no need for me to stress about it. I wrote to J a bit. I won’t send the letter out until I hear from her.

I had a long talk with “Little”. He’s a good neighbor. I saw people rolling boats and wind surfing on the bay. They were having fun.

After the Officer picked up mail, the other lady Officer gave me two letters. One is from Yuri and the other from J. It was too late for me to respond to the letters. The reason they were late was they were rerouted to me from North Block. The letters were opened. Instead of giving them to me right away the Officer decided to read them first. That delayed my chance to write a letter. Yuri and M (a sister) wants to visit me tomorrow or the next day. They sent in the visiting forms. They don’t know that it takes 4-6 weeks for the form to be approved. I won’t be able to see them anytime soon. M is going to China in a few days. I will miss meeting her this time around. Hopefully faith will brings us together again. Yuri sent me a group letter since she’s behind on her correspondence. She writes a few lines on the margins. She also sent me a couple of pamphlets. I appreciate her for caring about me.

I want to maintain the sense of peace I have during the last couple of weeks and extend it to my future. I want to overcome this obstacle and start over.

From: Why not me?

Reposted on: Jun 30, 2011

An African American young man robbed me at gunpoint at approximately 11:40 pm.

I parked my car across the street from my house, got my bag from the back trunk and started walking. Out of nowhere, the man in black cap, black hoodie, black jean and black shoes pointed a black gun in my face and pinned me against my car. He started to pocket check me and took my Iphone. Somehow I felt extemely calm under the circumstance. I told him to take the cash I had in my pants’ right back pocket and leave. He said he wanted everything. I shared with him that I was in prison for 21 years and that it’s not worth it, that he shouldn’t be doing this. He didn’t listen and continued to reach for my other pocket for my wallet. I was able to held on to it and kept talking to him. Then he just walked away. I walked after him to asked to give me back my phone. He refused. As I got closer to him, he turned around and pointed the gun at me as if he’s going to shoot me. I backed off. He walked calmly down the street and disappeared into darkness.

I called the police and made a report. At the end of my statement I wrote, “I would like to see some form of restorative justice in dealing with the prepetrator.”

Facebook note:

I just got robbed by an young African American brother at gun point a couple of hours ago across the street from my house. He got my IPhone and some cash. When I reasoned with him, he didn’t want to hear it and made the gesture to shoot me. I backed off. Fortunately, unlike my mother and brother, I didn’t get hurt. I hope no African American brothers will rob and hurt any of my family member in the future again.

I do hope that there will be some form of restorative justice in dealing with this. Please do not call me on my personal phone until futher notice.

Peace, love and community.


I got up and anticipated to go to the yard for some fresh air, but it was cancelled. There was no explanation. They can do that.

The rest of the day I fell into a sleep mode. I went in and out of a sleeping state until the evening.

I didn’t do much except for reading Hikmet’s poems. It inspired me to want to write a couple of my own. I have a couple of good ideas. All I need to do is write it.

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” Colton

From: 6-29-2002

Reposted on: Jun 29, 2011

I had a good workout before shower. I ate well after I’m cleaned up and relaxed. I was able to talk to Rico for a bit. He was awaked for a change. I was about to go take a nap when an Officer ask if I wanted to go to Walk Alone yard. I was surprised since I’m assigned to 2 yard. I decided to go since I’ve been cooped up for two weeks without fresh air.

It was beautiful outside. I was in the cage by myself. I talked to PT for the whole time I was out there. We had a good conversation. I was wonderful to breathe in some fresh air. I was lucky to be in the right cage to get some sunshine on my body. It felt good. The cage was just part of my reality at the time. I don’t think about it and let it restrict my moment of living. It’s all part of the survival skill.

I kicked back and read the newspapers. I read a little bit of Romeo and Juliet. I like to recite the part where Romeo talks to Juliet under her window.

The night is almost over. I’m ready for tomorrow. I shaved today, but it’s not clean. The razor didn’t do the work. Oh well.


From: 6-28-2002

Reposted on: Jun 28, 2011

The long anticipated ICC hearing is here. I waited in the cage with my prepared written statement. Associate Warden W was the head of ICC. I stated that I have not received the 72 hours notice. Counselor E sworn that he handed me the notice personally. I insisted that I did not receive any paperwork. He then said he gave it to an Officer to give the notice to me. I did not get it. A.W. W looked in my C-file and found the notice. It made Mr. E looked like a fool. Instead of postponing the hearing, I decided to sign the waiver since I was prepared. I had a chance to read my statement and turned it over to CCII H. A.W. W said ICC did not violate my right of due process because the warden saw me, but it was postponed. They did violate my right since they didn’t review me. When I said ICC violated my right to be outside of my cell to exercise, A.W. W said, “I know.” I hope my 602 will wind at the end. These people are violating my right. I was told I will be retained in Ad Seg pending the completion of the investigation. I’ll be in Ad Seg for awhile. I want to feel regret, but I just have to go with the flow. There is a purpose for everything.

I help “Little” with his statement for board.

I read the newspaper for the night, A sent me a postcard before she left for business and vacation. She knows what happened and wants to know more. She hinted that G might come visit me. I don’t have much to say when I see her. I appreciate her concern.

I’m set to stay here for awhile.


From: 6-27-2002

Reposted on: Jun 27, 2011

I got up early to exercise. Maybe I was working out on an empty stomach, I felt a little dizzy after awhile. I listened to my body and stopped. I had an all right workout.

My neighbor has a lot of endurance. He was doing all kinds of exercises for a long period of time.

I studied my Spanish for awhile. I need to put more time into it. I haven’t start writing creatively.

G dropped by to say hi. He told me Mike is in new Folsom SHU (Security Housing Unit.) I’m not sure how true that is. He said there was an article in the Marin Independent Journal on SQ’s racist segregation policy. That probably helped speed up his transfer. !Que lastima! I hope all is well with him. He should because he has a strong will. G said Rico’s going to committee tomorrow and that he should get release back to mainline. I hope so.

I received a note from C saying that B will probably come visit me this Saturday or sometime this week. I hope she knows that she has to make an appointment to come up. I wrote him back and sent him the AG’s request for another extension. I can’t believe those people.  They can’t get any witnesses to defend themselves, but they’ll keep trying and dragging the whole process. I hope C will file an opposition to the Ex Parte for extension.

I received my copy of the motion for relief. I hope the judge will rule on my motions soon and help me out. There was no law library for Carson section today. So I couldn’t make any copies. I wrote a letter to AR and kept her updated. What else can I say? I didn’t write to Yuri cause I didn’t know what to say. Maybe I’ll do it next week.

I’ve been eating a lot. Maybe I’ll gain some muscle. I haven’t been to the yard at all since I got here. I don’t miss it. I can hang staying in the cell, but that’s not healthy. I need some fresh air. I have to be ready mentally for ICC tomorrow. Hopefully things will turn around for me.


From: 6-26-2002

Reposted on: Jun 26, 2011

As I was taking a nap after breakfast, I heard the PA called Mike’s name to “packing it up, you’re out of here.” I was wondering if he’s leaving the unit or being transferred. After some deductive reasoning, I came up with two possibilities. One, he’s moving to East Block; two, he’s being transfer. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, Mike told me he’s transferring. He told me to stay focus and send his best to Rico. All I said was okay. I didn’t have any special feelings after knowing that he’s leaving. I wished I could have said more, but it wasn’t there. Normally I would probably feel a sense of loss because I’m here by myself. I might never see him again or speak to him again. I don’t know why I didn’t feel anything. My mind stayed peaceful. Could this be the start of a new beginning in my life? Only time will tell. I sat down and mediated. I asked the benevolent Guan Yin to protect Mike and his family. I prayed for all my friends and their families. I prayed for myself and my family. Then I breathe. I was sitting comfortably for awhile. It helped.

I received my canteen order. Now I have plenty of everything. Life goes on.

I received a letter from another supportive stranger for my parole situation. SB wrote a very honest and heartfelt letter. She introduced herself to me and encouraged me to have faith. She’s a born again Christian. She has had a difficult life as a drug addict and prostitute. She said Jesus saved her. She read my story and felt the need to write to me in support. I wrote her back and thanked her kind gesture. I offered her to write to me if she wants. I don’t mind getting to know her better. So far I have received two letters from strangers and one from an old acquaintance.

I wrote a letter to J about fishing. I haven’t heard from her in two weeks. I’m sure she’s fine, but I would like to hear from her. Our relationship is slowing down because of the long distance.  I have no control of that. I’m grateful for what we have. No pressure. No expectation.

I got a letter from the AG (Attorney General) asking for another extension on the Return. What is taking so long to get the necessary papers if they have them? They have nothing to justify their illegal actions. I hope the judge doesn’t grant the extension. I’ll send a copy to C tomorrow.

I haven’t heard from Mom yet. Hopefully the letter’s on the way. I’m not worry worried. It would be better to know that the family’s all right.

Mike’s departure is not as dramatic as I thought it would be. I’ll miss him. Can’t believe he’s laying on a bed in new Folsom already.

I haven’t heard from Rico. I hope he’s all right. It must be tough for him in some ways. I feel for his family. This is the price we pay to fight for justice and what is right.

No exceptions.


From: 6-25-2002

Reposted on: Jun 25, 2011

The day went by quickly in a sense that it seems like I’m in a different time zone. In many ways life in Ad Seg (Administrative Segregation) is operating in an abnormal way. A person’s mind will get break in and adopt to the working of the new environment after the first initial shock. I was mentally prepared and desensitized so I was able to embrace the situation. I haven’t been dwelling into the present and what might be in stored in the future. It could sound like I’m in denial. Maybe in a small way, but I’m not. I didn’t want to think about the unknown and speculate too much. I choose to go with the flow.

I had a productive workout in the afternoon. I need to keep it up. It helps my mind to stay focus.

I received a postcard from C. He requested my authorization to file a group 602. I appreciate his help. I wrote him back and gave him a quick update. Hopefully the court will appoint him to represent me soon.

B sent me a Weekly along with some wisdom. She spoke about making compromises as a socially aware person. She’s concerned about my well being. She wants to see me get out of prison and make a more effective impact in society. I was thinking the same topic before I received her letter. I wrote her and expressed my appreciation. I need to have a dialogue with her and others about the “compromise” topic. Deep inside I know what I feel and need to do. I just need to crystallize it and start moving forward. I hope I will be able to overcome this present struggle and come out victorious. Then I can utilize my discipline and work toward my parole and get out of prison.

I received a copy of the latest motion from the court. It was a duplicate one I sent, but without my signature. I hope the court will rule on my motions soon and help me end this forced retreat.

I did some reading and went to sleep.


From: 6-24-2002

Reposted on: Jun 24, 2011

It’s difficult to determine what time of the day it is. There is no watch or clock around unless one is going out of the unit. The way of not knowing exactly what time it is could help the passing of time.

Breakfast is served early, around six thirty in the morning. I got up early and did my exercises. Then I was ready for shower thinking it’s mid morning.

I was call to medical. When I got to the cage, it was only eight o’clock. Time went by slow if I know exactly what time it is. I gave some blood and urine sample for testing. W wasn’t at work. His co-worker told me that he was called in by the captain in the morning. He thinks he’s getting roll up and under investigation. I was sorry to hear that. However, I don’t know for sure if W is here or not. I told Mike about it on the way back.

N got me a blanket. He wanted to be helpful. J gave me a book to read. I gave my statement to my counselor on the classification issue. I hope he got it. I received a letter from P. It was for A. The letter was re-routed to me. It took two weeks to get to me. My mail is being held and read closely. I don’t like that because it’s illegal for them to withhold my mail without giving me a notice. I haven’t receive any mail after my placement in Ad Seg. I’ll wait to raise the issue in ICC.

I wrote to P and informed her on my situation. I’m getting tired of writing the reason for my lock-up. I wrote K a letter asking him about my writ. He needs to let me know what’s going on. I don’t’ like his lack of communication.

I finished reading about Zheng He and China’s treasured fleets. It’s a shame that the emperor was weak and didn’t keep the naval force. China could have been the most powerful country. I got more good books tonight, the Prince, Romeo & Juliet, and a Japanese novel. I got the U.S.A. paper also. I have plenty to read. I also received 2 Missalettes from the chapel.


From: 6-23-2002

Reposted on: Jun 24, 2011

My hand is cramping from writing all night. I wrote 7 letters and a 602. I wrote to Sis, AC, A, L, S, O an J. I had to repeat the same story on why I’m in segregation. I took time to write the 602 as a citizen’s complaint. I had to write it three times to make sure I got things down. It was tedious, but it has to be done. I wrote a short free write on eating a nectarine mindfully to J. It came out nice.

I told AC to check if my site is up or not. If not, I might have to take up her husband’s offer. I asked all of them to write a support letter for me. I have to start solicit them now and get them ready by the end of September.

I slept most of the morning away. Mike had a visit. It must’ve been his Mom. The days are going by fast. I haven’t touch any Spanish yet. I have been eating a lot lately, but can’t gain an ounce. I have plenty more letters to write.


From: 6-22-2002

Reposted on: Jun 22, 2011

I stayed up and read the Levathes book. It was getting good. I enjoyed reading it.

I got up early and exercised. I had a decent workout. The gunman commented, “Are you on Steroid or something?” as I was going to the shower. I was looking buff, I guess.

The day just flew by. I just read, eat and sleep. Sometimes I don’t remember what happened.


From: 6-21-2002

Reposted on: Jun 21, 2011

What supposed to be an ICC ( Institutional Classification Committee) turned into a reschedule hearing. I was prepared with m y statement in my pocket to read in the committee. I waited more than an hour in the holding cage for the warden to show up. I’m used to waiting for a long period of time. That became part of my reality.

Mike went in first for his transfer hearing. ICC elected to transfer him to New Folsom State Prison. After I sat down in front of a bunch of familiar faces, the ICC started. Counselor E asked if I had received a notice for the ICC. I said no, nor did I get a copy of the CDC 114D. He asked if I wanted to waive my 72 hours right of notice. I did not waive my right. Then he stated that he will send me a notice and call me back for ICC next week. Warden asked would I be overdue on the ICC. Mr. E said no. By the time I go back to ICC it would be more than the 10 days I was supposed to be review by ICC. They violated my right under Title 15 section 3335(c). I documented the situation. I don’t know what would happen when I go to ICC next time. The odds are that I will be transfer to another prison. There’s a slim chance that I might be able to stay if the court ruled the Ex Parte in my favor. We’ll see.

For now, I’m stuck in the cell for another week. My mind is still in a peaceful state. Something is giving me the strength and guidance. I just have to follow the light.

In the afternoon, Officer T delivered a bag of my property. It was the property seized by ISU (Investigation Service Unit) on May 15, 2002. I signed for it. However, there was no itemization of my property. It only had done on the inventory list, 1 book, 25 loose photos, legal material, and writings. After I checked through the property, I noticed some postcards, letters from B and other writings were missing. The ISU or Lt. N must have kept them. I will want those back. They gave me back the property because of the 602. I haven’t received any response yet. I assume I’ll get it next week.

Right now, I have plenty to read since I have a lot of articles. I also have my Spanish lesions, homework and quizzes. I’ll be able to study Spanish. I sorted through all the materials and letters. It’s good to get all of J’s letters back. Now I can write to her and catch up on her questions. I have more than I thought I would have in the hole. I can’t complain that I don’t have anything to keep me busy or that I lack food. I know I’ll be here for a couple of months. I can handle it. If I can get back on the mainline, cool. If not, that means it’s time for a new start. I go where destine takes me. I felt excited for a few minutes knowing I have all the good readings.

I didn’t receive any mail. That’s a bummer. I should get some next week. I hope Mom wrote and is all right. I’ll write Sis a letter.


From: 6-20-2002

Reposted on: Jun 20, 2011

I had a productive day. I got up early and exercised, ate breakfast and showered. It’s good to be able to stay discipline to exercise. That’s one way to stay positive and healthy.

I finished reading a romantic book. It helped pass time. I have plenty to read so I try to balance the subject matter so I don’t get burn out. I went to the law library and did some research and familiarized with the Title 15 sections pertaining to me. I made some copies and didn’t get the full set. I didn’t realize it until I got back to the cell. I had to handwrite the copies that I missed. I sent the Ex Parte to the court and a self addressed stamped envelope. Hopefully I’ll hear from the judge soon.

I received a letter from the Inspector General. It will look into the concerns I raised on San Quentin policies. That’s good. I got my first 602/citizen’s complain back. The appeal coordinator said it was a duplicate to something I had filed. It wasn’t. I will wait and see if she returns the second citizen’s complaint I filed.

I got a reroute mail from AC. It’s a big surprise. The last time I heard from her was about four years ago. She read my story in the SF Weekly and decided to write. She sent me some photos of her rabbits and her husband. She offered to help me to set up a website since her husband is a “computer geek.” I wish I’ve heard from her sooner. I appreciate her gesture. Hopefully she’ll be able to help me in the long run.

I wrote a letter to BY and asked her to generate some community support for us. It’ll definitely help. I drop a letter to Fr. O to say thank you and told him what’s going on. He’s a good dude. I stayed up and wrote out a statement for tomorrow’s committee hearing. I hope it’ll help. I’m ready to go to sleep.

Mike had a nice ride to Marin County jail. He said it was beautiful outside.


From: 6-19-2002

Reposted on: Jun 19, 2011

I didn’t receive any mail today. I know the Community Resource Manager is holding my mail. He’ll stoop to sub human level to mess with me. “God” will punish his evil deeds.

The night was quiet so I got a good sleep for the first time. I even dreamed about things. I start reading the Harper’s. I like the article “Notebook” on Thomas Paine by Lewis H. Lapham. I learned something new. I’m reading between books. It helped pass time.

Mike had an attorney visit and so did I. C came up to see me. I met him for the first time. He wore a dark suit with tie, bespectacled, shaved head, about 5’8, 150 lbs and very talkative. He seemed passionate on helping me. He asked questions just to check on some facts and see if our stories matched. He said he work from 9 to 10. He plays electric guitar. He was drinking coffee and eating Famous Amos cookies. He seemed to have lots of energy. He mentioned that I’m very popular in the city because of the article in the SF Weekly. I asked him to call B to keep her updated. C made it clear that he’s an advocate to me. He’ll do what he can to help until he gets appointed by the court. I appreciate his effort and honesty. I brought up the issue of transfer. He’ll do what he can to stop it, but it’ll be difficult since that is not a right. He’ll write a letter concerning the retaliation to the warden and cc N.

It’s obvious that N wants us out of her regardless the outcome of the investigation. That’s he’s dirty way of punishing us. What a low life! Everything is out of my hands. The higher power is in control. I have to have fate that things will work out. I will get out of prison in the next couple of years if not sooner.

I wrote a letter to C and thank him for his help. I wrote to Mo about sending me reading materials. He’ll come through for me. I wrote a request to the librarian for some magazines. Let’s see if he comes through or not. Someone gave me a couple of books. One is Republic of China by Schurmann and Schell, another history book on China. The other book is Kind and Usual Punishment by Jessica Mitford. I have plenty to read now. I exercised and took a birth bath. It felt good. Rico moved to cell 2C48.


From: 6-18-2002

Reposted on: Jun 18, 2011

I wrote to J and Mom. I have all the time to write to J now. Too bad I don’t have any of her old letters. I wrote to Mom to assure her that I’m doing all right. I think she’s all right too. I just won’t be seeing her and the family for a few months. As long as they are well, I’m cool. That’s always the case.

G came by to say hi. He asked N’s permission first so he doesn’t get in trouble. That’s understandable. He and his congregation are praying for us. We need all the prayers. I received a postcard from Fr. O. He mentioned some doctor wrote a good letter to the SF Weekly about my case. He’ll try to find it and sent it to me.

I received my Harper’s subscription for July. I’ve never been so happy to receive a magazine. This time I’ll have a chance to read it from cover to cover. J came through for me. I read and relaxed today.


From: 6-16-2002

Reposted on: Jun 18, 2011

There’s no way I can great a good night sleep when people are yelling early in the morning. I feel sorry for some of them because the’re on meds and they can’t help themselves. This one guy things he’s a pimp and acted like he was talking to the prostitutes. I dislike the derogatory terms he used to curse the women he was supposedly talking to. In someways he’s better off than most of us. He’s living in his own world.

I got up extremely early to do my exercise this morning. It’s our side to shower. I didn’t push myself too hard because I still have this lingering cough. I had a little sweat. I ate breakfast then went to shower. There’re shower cages in the back stairs on the first tier. Things changed some since I was here two years ago. There’re three showers. The cop puts us in, uncuff us, then turn on the water. The razor for shoving is small with a single blade. I scraped some whiskers off. When I finished, the cop turns the water off.

I slept a little and read the Levathes book. I’m learning some new history on China that I didn’t know before. I received two leagl mail. One is a return from the U.S. Attorney’s office. I got the wrong office. The other is copies of Board of Control forms. I mailed the Ex Parte out again .I wrote a letter to M to finish answering her questions. M called my a couple of times, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying. He went out for something.

Another day under the belt.

From: 6-16-2002

Reposted on: Jun 15, 2011

What is a “Bird Bath?” When prisoners cannot take a shower and they want to clean up, they take a Bird Bath. Birth Bath is washing up using water from the sink inside the cell. Some people just use a wet towel, soak themselves and wipe their bodies dry. Others put some towels by the door to seal the water from leaking out to the tier, use a cup to hold water and really clean their bodies. That’s more work because they have to empty the floor where they put their property and clean up all the water after the Bird Bath. It’s another way to clean the cell.

“I got busy and wrote 6 letters. It took up a few hours since I’m printing. Plus, I have to think about what I write. I’ll write more tomorrow. The day went by very fast. I couldn’t sleep after breakfast cause of all the yelling. I did some exercise and yoga, then took a bird bath. It felt good. I need more room to move around. Mike hollered a couple times passing by. I hope Rico’s doing well. My back is hurting me from sitting on the books to write. I sent the 602 out. Hopefully it will help. I need to start writing creatively. I need that writer’s book.”

From: 6-15-2002

Reposted on: Jun 15, 2011

I didn’t sleep well caused of the loud talking, plus it was cold as usual. I need another blanket if I have to stay here longer.

It’s Saturday so I get to have my first shower. That’ll be the only activity for the day. The water was hot, but I couldn’t adjust the temperature. I enjoyed the private shower. I didn’t find being in the hole shocking as I did a couple of years ago for the first time. The shock value is not there. Of course, my thinking has changed tremendously. I didn’t want to think about anything dealing with the investigation. I’ll have to run things over my head soon to be ready.

J gave me a book and 3 stamped envelopes and a yellow writing tablet. I appreciate that. After breakfast, I went back to sleep. I had a good nap and the bed was warmed. I read and ate lunch and the morning’s gone. I wrote to J for a bit telling her about the routines in here. I got a couple of more books: Kafka’s “Parables and Paradoxes” and Lousie Levathes’ “When China Ruled the Sea.” I’m grateful to have something to read. I’ll definitely learn more about China and Kafka. I wrote the appeal as a citizen’s complaint. Hopefully it will help me get out of here sooner. I have plenty of writing materials. It’s time to write.

I did a few sets of yoga at night. I’ll workout tomorrow. I also need to start meditating. Time is going by faster than I thought. The night is quiet for a change.”


From: 6-14-2002

Reposted on: Jun 14, 2011

As I looked at today’s journal entry, I think hard on why it was so short. Where did that 24 hours go? Being in the hole, I wanted to know what’s going to happen next so I can prepare myself mentally. As a survival technique, it’s important to have something to look forward to.

“The day went by fast. I saw Captain H and answered some routine questions on the lock up order. I will have to stay in the cell for a whole week. I’ll manage somehow. I wrote to J for awhile. I did some light weight exercise and yoga. It’s all right. I’m not fully recover from the little flu. I did received legal mail. It was the copy of my motion against the administration’s retaliation. I did some reading and went to sleep late. It was a good day.”