It’s the last day of the month. From the way things are looking, I might still be here at the end of the August. Time is going by regardless of the location. I need to utilize my time more wisely. I haven’t been bearing down and reading and studying.

I laid back and read magazines all day. G dropped by to check on me. He’s always a pleasant surprise. It was exciting to see familiar faces.

I received a letter from J and K. J shared her dislike of her Mom’s certain actions with me. She was venting her frustration and asked for my advice. I’ll share my opinions on her situation dealing with her Mom. I value her trust in me. I wrote a little bit to her, but I’ll address her situation with Mom tomorrow. K sent her prayers my way after hearing what happened to me. It’s always good to know people support me no matter what.

At twelve today, I thought about the ten and a half hours left before the day is over. Now, it’s almost that time. That’s why I have to live the now.

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