Run Ed Run Already

The final rally to encourage San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to announce his run for re-election concluded at the steps of City Hall with hundred of people chanting Run Ed Run for the last time. The Progress For All collected 51,063 signatures to urge Mayor Lee to run. We hope that he will announce his running sometime this week. Because the sooner Mayor Lee declared his intention to run, the better for everyone.

I’m grateful to be apart of this historical push for Mayor Lee to run for re-election. My Run Ed Run co-chairs have been awesome in sticking together to work for a common goal of selecting the best Mayor to serve the people of San Francisco.


Finally, I was able to get on track in completing the burpe routine. My body was drenched in sweat. It felt good to be able to discipline myself to complete the routine. I’ll sleep well tonight.

I worked on my 602 for a while. I was able to finish it, made copy and sent it out. I went to law library and prepare for my denial. I have about twenty days left.

I received my copy of the Return from CC today. He asked me to stay strong. I appreciate that. I received another from J. It took sixteen days to get to me from Beijing. I’ll have a couple of weeks to write to her.

Rico and I talked for a while. He wants to start writing his autobiography. I hope his parole situation will work out for him.

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