I moved to second tier and I regretted. I no longer had the beautiful view of the Bay, mountain, lights from houses, ferries, suffers and people rowing boats. I took my own bits of freedom away. Now I can only dream. It’s too late to feel regretful now. It’s a done deal. I didn’t know how good I had it until I moved to this cell on second tier. I had a lot of stuff to move. It took three people to make the trip down. I spent some time cleaning the cell. It was dirty and the toilet doesn’t flush well. The area is noisier than the fifth tier. My ears haven’t got a breath yet. The pros for moving are being closer to Rico. I can exercise better with the bunk set up and the Officers are better? I wished I hadn’t moved. I missed chopping it up with my neighbor. I’m sure C missed me also. I read the paper and rewrite the free write about A’s visit. I need to start thinking about the parole campaign strategy and write them down for A. I’ll get busy tomorrow.

May I get a good quiet sleep tonight?

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