It was nice outside this morning. It wasn’t overcast like the past week. I played basketball with the Brothers. My shots have been falling. I haven’t done any righteous workout since there were enough people on the yard to play ball. I did do my yoga exercises. Then I took a cold shower. I talked to the youngster K for a bit.

I took a nap after lunch despite all the noise. It’s much louder down here than on fifth tier. I had chicken and rice for dinner. The dessert was delicious. I wrote to A and sent her the free write. I haven’t thought about the ideas she brought up I will write after I get a letter from her. I wrote to AR and thanked her for the magazine subscription. I enjoy reading it. It has some good stories. Finally, I decided to write to G. I need to put whatever hang ups I had and move on. She’s willing to help me. I will not reject that. I hope she’ll come see me. I need to start getting ready for my parole hearing. She’ll be surprised to hear from me, I hope. I dropped Mr. K a note about my correspondence course. I’m ready to start.

I missed the view on fifth tier.

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