Always remember to exercise my rights unless it serves no practical purpose. I was supposed to go to ICC at 11:50am, but I didn’t go until 1:10pm. I was able to go to the yard. CCI D messed up by serving me the 72 hour notice late. When I did go the ICC, Associate Warden W said I’m being put up for transfer. I was not aware that the ICC was for transfer so I asked to be given notice so I can prepare myself. They tried hard to coerce me to continue with the hearing. I insisted that I be allowed my due process. W broke down and rescheduled me for ICC on Wednesday. I’ll be ready.

Rico, Mike and I played a few games of 21. We had fun.

I received a package from J. She sent me two magazines and a collection of stamps of the 12 animal signs. She’s very thoughtful. It cost her 128 yuan. She’s a great friend. I know we’ll be tight for life.

I received G’s letter with the McQuillion case. She sent it priority, but she wrote the wrong zip code so it was delayed. She cautioned me to be coo with the committee and self-aggrandizement. I disagree with her. I appreciate her support, but not her thinking. I’ll get back at her.

Tomorrow is K’s wedding. May she be happy and have a long lasting marriage.

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