It’s been a busy and productive day. I read up on the Title 15 and wrote a statement to prepare for my ICC. It’ll be interesting to see what ICC elects to do with me tomorrow.

I got all my legal materials together and sent it to the lawyer. He took care of business for me. I also sent my adjudication and defense statement to PLO’s W. I went to the library and made copies and did researches. I read the report from the Daily Journal on the result of Rosenkranz’s oral argument. It didn’t look good. We’ll see the decision in 90 days.

I saw B and said hello. I said hi to the fellas.

I received a letter from S. It’s a pleasant surprise. I wrote him back and told him what’s up. I got a note from CC. He’ll send the legal letters next week. I received October’s Coastal Journal. H has been consistent.

I got my 602 on 3135 back again. The appeal’s coordinator is playing games. I sent it back again.

I sent a B-day card to J and Dad.

Rico and I talked for a while. Hopefully he won’t get transfer. I feel tired. Things are looking up again. It’s time to win.

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