My angle still hurts when I move it up and down. I didn’t play any games of basketball today. Rico and I walked around and talked for a while. We spoke about our families and how we feel about the whole thing. He’s been kicking back too much. We did some burpees, pushups and squats. It was beautiful out. I talked to R for a bit. He told me to stay focus on my goal. I had a good lunch.

My I.E. C came by and dropped off her report. She wasn’t able to reached HM. The other five witnesses answered the questions. They support my claim in the statements that they had provided. The time the 115 was issued was at 11:45. The I.E. gave me the report at 12:05. by the time my 115 gets heard, they had violated my due process. It’ll be more than 30 days. I’ll point that violation out the them in the hearing.

I received a piece of mail and the Harper magazine. When I looked at the return address I didn’t recognized the name right away. When I did realized it was from M. I was feeling happy that she finally wrote. She just wanted to holler. I look forward to meeting her too.

My much anticipated legal mail arrived. The write was denied. No evidentry hearing. That’s a big blow on us. Hopefully there’s a way I can still win.

I did a little revise on my statement for the hearing. I didn’t do much else. The time went by too fast. I got the Chinese stamp from my friend. I feel tired right now physically.

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