The last couple of yard days have been better weather wise. The sun started to come out early. I walked around with the guys and talked. It felt good to laugh at jokes and connect with people. I shot the basketball a little to warm up before I work out. I did some squat exercises. I talked to Filipino E for a while. He told me S went back to the Bay this morning. I enjoyed the fresh air.

I read for the rest of the day. I didn’t take a nap even though I was tired. My neighbor let me borrow his book, “Blood In My Eyes.” I also got “The Great Rebel Che G in Bolivia.”

I received a letter from SB. She’s doing her best to convert me to Christianity. She wrote four pages on how Jesus loves me and that I should accept him in my life. She said she’s God’s vessel to get me to believe in him. I appreciate her interest in me, but I think she’s trying too hard to convert me. She doesn’t understand any other way to survive except in Jesus. That’s cool with me, but I’m not there yet.

I got two reroute mail. The letter of confirmation on my admission from Ohio University came. I should be getting my course materials. An education advisor was assigned to me.

My 602 on the property and search issues came back. It was dated 7/26/02, but I didn’t receive it until tonight. I should have 15 days from today to file my response.

I didn’t write today, but I will tomorrow.

The day went by fast.

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