I didn’t receive any mail today. I know the Community Resource Manager is holding my mail. He’ll stoop to sub human level to mess with me. “God” will punish his evil deeds.

The night was quiet so I got a good sleep for the first time. I even dreamed about things. I start reading the Harper’s. I like the article “Notebook” on Thomas Paine by Lewis H. Lapham. I learned something new. I’m reading between books. It helped pass time.

Mike had an attorney visit and so did I. C came up to see me. I met him for the first time. He wore a dark suit with tie, bespectacled, shaved head, about 5’8, 150 lbs and very talkative. He seemed passionate on helping me. He asked questions just to check on some facts and see if our stories matched. He said he work from 9 to 10. He plays electric guitar. He was drinking coffee and eating Famous Amos cookies. He seemed to have lots of energy. He mentioned that I’m very popular in the city because of the article in the SF Weekly. I asked him to call B to keep her updated. C made it clear that he’s an advocate to me. He’ll do what he can to help until he gets appointed by the court. I appreciate his effort and honesty. I brought up the issue of transfer. He’ll do what he can to stop it, but it’ll be difficult since that is not a right. He’ll write a letter concerning the retaliation to the warden and cc N.

It’s obvious that N wants us out of her regardless the outcome of the investigation. That’s he’s dirty way of punishing us. What a low life! Everything is out of my hands. The higher power is in control. I have to have fate that things will work out. I will get out of prison in the next couple of years if not sooner.

I wrote a letter to C and thank him for his help. I wrote to Mo about sending me reading materials. He’ll come through for me. I wrote a request to the librarian for some magazines. Let’s see if he comes through or not. Someone gave me a couple of books. One is Republic of China by Schurmann and Schell, another history book on China. The other book is Kind and Usual Punishment by Jessica Mitford. I have plenty to read now. I exercised and took a birth bath. It felt good. Rico moved to cell 2C48.


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