I just received my citizen’s compliant that I filed on 7/14. The response was never return to me until now. I asked Officer U to sign for the delivery date. That way they can’t say that I had exceeded the time constraint. I sent a 602 citizen’s compliant to the Employee Relations Officer T.R. I had to resubmit the 602. I attached the 114D lockup order and CC’s letter on retaliation. Hopefully I’ll get things straighten out.

I wrote to C. I gave her and R the best advice I know – to let go. I hope I’ll see her soon so we can talk about her feelings.

It’s a lazy day. I slept in the morning after shower. Then I read the economic book. I didn’t start writing until after dinner. I started to rewrite my shower experience. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it this week. I was going to write to G, but I decided to wait for her to visit.

Things will work out accordingly. May all my family and friends be well.

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