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Oct 08, 2011
» Reflections

Things are looking up. I received the First Appellate District’s decision granting another look at my OSC (Order to Show Cause) in Marin County. This time I’ll get appointed counsel. Hopefully I’ll get an evidentiary hearing.

I got a letter from PLO’s W about my parole hearing. He has been better in keeping a line of communication with me. I wrote him back and gave him an update. I got a letter from Senator Boxer’s Director of Constituent Service. He forwarded my letter to senator Burton stating my issues are State issues. I wrote him back saying they’re federal issues since it deals with the First Amendment right.

I received a letter from O in Hong Kong, P, M and a postcard from Fr. O. P wrote a short support letter for me. I wrote her back and tanked her. M wrote a form letter. She’ll be moving to Sonoma in December. I wrote O and asked her to write a support letter for me. She thinks highly of me. She is a good friend who I haven’t met.

It’s sunny outside. We shot the ball around and did pushups. Blu and I mediated for  15 minutes. I enjoyed the time outside.

Fr. P and G dropped by briefly to say hi. I got my 72 hour notice for Ad Seg review on Friday. Then I got my Capoeira book from the Property Officer. I look forward to reading it.

I got my 115 adjudication from Officer G. It was a day later than the written date. I was found guilty for 3005 because of 3250. I’ll win in appeal. The whole 115 was a joke.

I received my Sun magazine. Plenty to read. I sent the congratulation card to R. It’s been an active and productive day. I wrote a letter to Fr. O so he can use as a model form support letter.

I hope things will eventually work in our favor. Thank the good spirit for my blessings.