I didn’t time it right so I wasn’t able to write the letters to the politicians. I’ll do it tomorrow. The whole afternoon and evening were utilized to write letters. I wrote to Rudy C and thanked him for helping me out. I wrote to Mom, Yuri, Sis Roger, KW, and CC. I sent Yuri the SQ3 picture. She’ll like that. I sent Roger all the articles I had about me. He should use that to generate some support. I asked CC to send me the copies of proposals to Berkeley. I told KW about my 115 hearing and decision to go forward with the parole hearing. I told Sis the same thing. I’m glad I was able to get those letters out.

I did a short workout with Rico. Mike went to his visit with his parents. I talked to R for awhile. The day went by quickly. I have to be prepared for the upcoming hearing and ICC adverse actions.

God willing things will work out.

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