Things don’t always happen as plan. I didn’t get all the letters sent out as I wanted to. I received a letter form Assemblywoman Aroner. She wrote to Gray Davis and CDC director Bob Presely to inquire about our situation in Ad Seg. She is the first politician responded to our letters. I wrote her back and sent her a copy of my article in the Weekly.

I wrote to Yuri and asked her to write to Aroner and ask others to do the same. I wrote to M and asked her to write a support letter and gave her G’s address. I wrote to G and gave her an update and said hello. Hopefully she’s all right.

I went through my paperwork to check if I’m organized. I didn’t do much in the morning. I sent a letter to the lawyer to give him an update. Hopefully he got my letter.

I started to read another James Patterson book, “Pop Goes the Weasel.”

New cops are on the job because of the new schedule. One second tier cop, short Pinoy didn’t want to process my legal mail to Assemblywoman Aroner. He has no idea of what the rule says. He has an attitude problem. I’ll have to write him up.

I received a status printout of my active appeals. A couple of my appeals were never processed. We’ll see how the others go.

I ate a lot as usual. I need to slow down or speed up my exercise.

I got some things done today.

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