It was cold this morning on the yard. I didn’t feel like working out until it got warmed. Blu talked all day about his situation. We listened and tried to pick up pointers. We had a good time.

I was tired after yard. I wrote to the Inspector’s General about SQ’s violation of my due process. I wrote to Barbara Lee and Wilma Chan about my plight. Hopefully they’ll respond. I wrote to FW and sent him all the updates and asked him to write a support letter for me. I wrote to E and asked her to write for me. I wrote to the lawyer and asked him advice on my parole situation.

I received Mr. W’s letter advising me to postpone the parole hearing. We’ll see. He didn’t address the 9th circuit issue. G set up an appointment to see Mike, but she didn’t make it. Rico got an order to show cause. That’s great news for us. I hope things will work out for all of us.

I got some US magazines. The day went by fast. I haven’t received my adjudication of 115. I sent out a 602 on N.

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