As expected, G showed up to visit. I got out around 11. The hour and a half visit went by quickly. We talked about my Ad Seg situation and parole hearing strategy. She agreed that I should go forward with the hearing. We didn’t agree on other issues. I didn’t like the way she shot my plan down on raising awareness and organizing a support committee. I don’t like her imposing ways. I know that she have my best interest at heart, but that doesn’t mean she’s right. We didn’t get to talk about regular stuff much. She had to visit with Mike.

I saw V, New York and uso on my way to the library. I couldn’t talk to all of them.

I made lunch as planned. It was good. Mike got his after his visit.

I wrote to G and expressed how I felt about our visit. I asked her to ask my Mom to send Mek some compensation. Say wrote me so I wrote him back. He’s living dangerously out there.

I had to check my neighbor cause he made threats and acted tough. But he’s a coward. He apologized to me and broke down.

I read US magazines to pass time. I didn’t do much. It’s been an eventful day.

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