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Why not me?

Jun 30, 2011
» Reflections

An African American young man robbed me at gunpoint at approximately 11:40 pm.

I parked my car across the street from my house, got my bag from the back trunk and started walking. Out of nowhere, the man in black cap, black hoodie, black jean and black shoes pointed a black gun in my face and pinned me against my car. He started to pocket check me and took my Iphone. Somehow I felt extemely calm under the circumstance. I told him to take the cash I had in my pants’ right back pocket and leave. He said he wanted everything. I shared with him that I was in prison for 21 years and that it’s not worth it, that he shouldn’t be doing this. He didn’t listen and continued to reach for my other pocket for my wallet. I was able to held on to it and kept talking to him. Then he just walked away. I walked after him to asked to give me back my phone. He refused. As I got closer to him, he turned around and pointed the gun at me as if he’s going to shoot me. I backed off. He walked calmly down the street and disappeared into darkness.

I called the police and made a report. At the end of my statement I wrote, “I would like to see some form of restorative justice in dealing with the prepetrator.”

Facebook note:

I just got robbed by an young African American brother at gun point a couple of hours ago across the street from my house. He got my IPhone and some cash. When I reasoned with him, he didn’t want to hear it and made the gesture to shoot me. I backed off. Fortunately, unlike my mother and brother, I didn’t get hurt. I hope no African American brothers will rob and hurt any of my family member in the future again.

I do hope that there will be some form of restorative justice in dealing with this. Please do not call me on my personal phone until futher notice.

Peace, love and community.


I got up and anticipated to go to the yard for some fresh air, but it was cancelled. There was no explanation. They can do that.

The rest of the day I fell into a sleep mode. I went in and out of a sleeping state until the evening.

I didn’t do much except for reading Hikmet’s poems. It inspired me to want to write a couple of my own. I have a couple of good ideas. All I need to do is write it.

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.” Colton