All afternoon and night I have been working on preparing my defense for the 115. I did researches on the necessary sections from the Title 15 that apply to my defense and appeal. I went page to page from the 40 page supplement to refute the investigation’s false statements and lies. They twisted things around and manipulated words and statements to portray me as a liar. In fact, they are the liars. I was able to get a lot accomplished.

I had yard this morning and had a chance to talk to Rico for a bit. He went to ICC concerning his parole denial and yard status. He’ll be with us on Sunday. Mike and I played three games of basketball. We were on opposite teams. I won two out of three. My shots have been going in. The practices paid off. Porter helped give me some ideas by talking out loud.

G came by and we talked for a while. I didn’t receive any mail today. I did get a book from the library request. I have plenty to read now. C/O T delivered 14 photos from ISU. I gave him my 602 on the property and deadline. He responded on the informal level.

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