My right hand is cramping from writing for a few hours straight. Time went by way too quickly. The noise didn’t even bother me because I was concentrated on writing.

At 12:45 this afternoon, I was given my CDC 115 along with a 40 page report on the result of the investigation by C/O S. he read the charge to me. I asked for an I.E. and signed the request. After I read the report which mainly deals with Mike’s situation, I had a better idea of what the ISU had. Some of the statements pertaining to me were not true. I have to depict the whole document and refute the charge. Mike and Rico both received 115s; Mike’s for conduct and Rico for gambling. They’re messing with Rico by giving him another 115. They always will fabricate evidence and twist the truth. Now I have to defend myself.

I went to law library and did my research and made copies and sent to my lawyer. Hopefully I can win this thing.

I received a few letters today. I received a letter from S. she just wrote a short not to say hi and wonder if she can visit. I wrote back and asked her to come up. A guy named AJ wrote me. He wanted me to call him concerning my parole situation. He was a Bible study teacher in B-5 (Youth Guidance Center in San Francisco.) I don’t remember him. I told him what happened to me and asked him to write me. O wrote and sent me a picture. She graduated from Yale with honor. She’s going to be in Hong Kong studying for a year. She’s extremely smart. She wrote the letter in Chinese.

CC sent me the letter he sent to the Warden. I wrote him and sent him all my documents. I also sent him my poem to share with others. I hope he can help me.

GM wrote and said she’ll visit soon. I appreciate her reply and willingness to help. I need all the support from outside. I sent her my poem and gave her a brief update.

I sent Mr. W a copy of my 115. I wonder what he’ll do. It seemed like he doesn’t care about my situation. He hasn’t been a good legal consult to me.

My 602 on getting my property was returned to me. It was not process as an emergency 602. They’re playing games and denying my due process. How can that not be considered as an emergency 602 when I have a court deadline?

I received my Harper magazine. It’s been an active day. I only did a light workout because lack of time before my shower.

I’m glad things are moving. May we come out victorious in the end. God bless us and our families and friends.

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