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Sep 11, 2011
» Reflections

Finally, I received a letter, from France at that. I recognized the handwriting. D was visiting friends there. She’s back now. I’m glad she always had me in her thoughts. I didn’t get anything else from friends. I also hope that CC would come visit me today, but he didn’t. I still don’t know if B has received my request. Oh well, things will progress as well.

I finished reading Lorde’s book Zami. I got to know her life and her writing style. I still need to read more of her writing to see her political side.

Today is the first anniversary of the WTC (World Trad Center) and Pentagon bombing. I’m sure there are a lot going on out there in the free world. In here things are the same, locked up 24/7 and noisy. It’s just another day. I have no TV, radio, newspaper, so I don’t know much about the happenings of the world. See no evil, hear no evil.

G dropped by briefly to say hi. It’s good to see somebody especially a friend.

I thought about D for a while this afternoon, just reminiscing and wishing. How much things have changed since then!? I’m sure we’ll meet again.

I did a little study on Statistic. That was good.

I have been eating and not exercising. I was more disciplined the first couple of months. Another 24/7 passed.