It’s unusual, but the administration made sure that I went to my ICC for transfer recommendation. I didn’t asked many questions and submitted my opposing statement. I wasn’t feeling up.

I made lunch after I got back. It was strange being in Death Row Bay side.

I received a letter from K. She got the plan she wanted. I wrote her back. I got a letter from W and I wrote him back and sent him my statement to oppose transfer. I got a letter from Wilma Chan. She brushed me off. I wrote her back and asked her to call or write to OIG (Office of the Inspector General) for an investigation.

I got a notice that M’s approved to visit. I wrote her and sent her the copy. ML was denied. I wrote her and forgot to send her another visiting form. The mailroom just now sent my book back to K.

The appeals coordinator D screened out two of my appeals.

Mike got good news. He’s going to a hearing on 10/3/02. I hope he’ll get some action from the courts soon. Lawyer helped me out. He’s very supportive and enthusiastic. I pray that he’s right.

I got my stamped copy of the writ from Courts of Appeal. I felt better as I the day went on. My fingers were hurting this morning. I hope all is well with my family and friends.

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