It’s a down day so I slept in. I was hoping for a visit, but no one showed up. That’s how I put myself in a conflict. I don’t want to bother people to come see me, but I hope that someone would come.

I read Lorde’s book. In the afternoon, I got three more books. I picked up Helen Zia’s book “Asian American Dreams” and flipped through the back pages. In the acknowledgement section I saw M’s name. It was a coincident that I looked in the back. I’ll write to her and mention my discovery. I read 40 pages of the book. It’s a history book combined with her memoir and thinking or the other way around. Reading the book made me thought about writing my own. Maybe one day it will happen. I ate a lot more than I should have, but I kept doing it. My cold is almost gone. I should be fine tomorrow.

I wrote a letter Nancy Pelosi. I’ll mail it out when I get copies of attachments. J asked me for some legal advice. I did my best to help him. I also helped my neighbors out on coffee and soups. I don’t mind helping, but I dislike being used.

Rico went to his 115 hearing and was found guilty, but it was reduced to a 128. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m feeling…


*This is a reflection written 9 years ago today.

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