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Sep 27, 2011
» Reflections

A surprised me again by coming up in the morning to see me. She was still sleepy. She had problem at the gate again. I waited two minutes before she showed up. I gave her an update on what’s going on with my situation. I did a lot of fast talking and I listened. We talked about politics, the PLO, worldly events, and BPT. Time went by too quick.

I showed Rico and Blue the ninth circuit news clipping. Hopefully things will stand. We worked out. Mike and Rico can’t hang with the Machine (a strenuous exercise routine) yet. The lawyer took care of things for me. He’s overwhelmed. I want to help him if I could.

CC dropped me a postcard asking me to write the court to appoint counsel. I think it’s too late.

I received another letter from Mom with 4 photos. She talked to R and asked him to see me. RC wrote a support letter for me. It was well written. He also showed me love by writing some wisdom and sent me 2 photos of United Playaz. I want to join him to save lives.

I did a lot of fishing tonight. I didn’t like it. I didn’t relax. It was a good day. I hope things will only get better.