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Sep 19, 2011
» Reflections

Again, the day went by quickly. I had plenty to do. I received my canteen today, but some items were missing as usual. I gave some stuff to Mike and Rico. I also gave some soups to the neighbors since they don’t have anything.

I didn’t make it to the library so Rico made some copies for me. He messed up by not copying double sided, lost my board recommendation sample and sent the wrong thing to the lawyer. He’s too dull.

Counselor E came by to get me to sign the parole hearing notice. He asked if I’m signing to postpone my hearing as if he knows that I’m going to postpone it. When I said that I’ll have to talk to my attorney first and that I might go to the hearing, he said that I would be going in yellow (All solitary prisoners wear yellow jumpsuit as a way to separate from the reception “orange” and mainline “blue” population.) He stated the warden wants to transfer the three of us even if she has to go to the review board. He said there were too many disgruntled lifers on the line about what happened. We’ll see.

G dropped by briefly. He’s on the move.

I received a letter form J finally. It was great to hear from her. ZY’s jealous that I wrote her long letters. Oh well. I sent her a card to acknowledge her letter. S surprised me by writing again. He’s very loyal to me. I wrote him back and try to talk some sense into him to stay productive. I found out that A and K have the same b-day. I sent them each a belated b-day card. I wrote J a short letter asking for her support. She probably won’t write. I wrote to M and sent him my poem and article. Hopefully he’s doing well.

I still haven’t receive my I.E. report. Tomorrow is the deadline for them to hear my 115 and the court’s deadline to respond to my denial. May the judge ruled in my favor. The whole situation is getting complicated and is looking better for me. Hopefully I’m doing the right thing by fighting all the way. I have to follow through.