I was ready for yard after workout. However, there was a shake down. No yard. That’s twice this week.

I was called for ICC as expected. I waited for a while with my statement ready. Then by the time I went, counselor E found out that I did get a 115 and it wasn’t heard. He said he’ll call me next week. I haven’t received my IE report yet. Counselor S sent me a note informing me that I’m scheduled for the December calendar for BPT (Board of Prison Terms.) I haven’t get my support letters ready yet. I’ll have to postpone the hearing until the situation is over and that I get all my support letters. I have to write letters over the weekend.

S sent me a postcard from Washington. She’ll be back tomorrow and try to come see me next week.

I got my 9/4 602 back, rejected because It’s a duplicate, but it’s not. The appeal’s coordinator is screening out my 602s, violating my due process. I’ll keep at it.

I kicked back the rest of the day reading. I look forward t another day. I pray that A and the youth will have a successful demonstration tomorrow.


*This is a reflection from 9 years ago today.

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