Another day has gone by. I was being productive after Mr. K’s brief visit. He came to check on the correspondence material. He asked if I was studying my Spanish. I said a little. After he left, I spent two hours studying Spanish. I need to do it daily since I have time. Mr. K will check with Ohio on the books for me.

T left early this morning. He was transferred without a warning. I hope he’ll be all right and get some actions in court.

I did a light exercise before shower in the morning. I didn’t take a nap during the day. I read the Progressive magazine. I enjoyed it.

I received my canteen. Now I have plenty to eat and dip.

G dropped by to say hi. I appreciate him for walking all the way to fifth tier to see me. I wrote a letter to N. Hopefully he’s out of INS, but I doubt it.

Since the Officer took my free write, I haven’t written. I haven’t written to J either. I’ll have to start again.

My neighbor doesn’t have anything because he’s new.  I gave him some stamped envelopes and writing paper. I’ll give him some snack and cosmetic tomorrow.

I had an all right, semi-productive day.

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