The back of my head hurts from an elbow during a basketball game. I played three two on two games this morning on the yard. There were a couple of new people on the yard. I had fun. I met Saeteurn who’s on Walk Alone. He’s here temporarily for shoulder surgery. He’s doing a SHU (Security Housing Unit) term in Pelican Bay. He’s a lifer. We talked for a while and got to know each other. He seemed pretty cool. We exchanged some books to read.

I wrote to P about Josh’s passing. I don’t know what to say about death of a friend or family member. I thanked Pat being great friends to us. I wrote N back and thanked him for writing. I told him about my inevitable transfer. I also wrote a letter to Mom and gave her a heads up. She’ll worry, but she’ll have to accept it. I don’t like to make her worry, but I guess I wasn’t trying hard enough.

I received my 602 response from D.W. on the violation of my due process right in Ad Seg. He denied any wrongdoing of course. I’ll file it to the next level.

I talked to my neighbor for a while. We talked about his plans to be with his family and start a new life. He shared his feelings with me on dealings with his son. I wish him well and success.

I’m still being haunted by my mistakes. That will never go away. I have to learn from them. People were wind surfing on the bay. I get lost just watching them. I get my spats of freedom here and there.

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