As I was taking a nap after breakfast, I heard the PA called Mike’s name to “packing it up, you’re out of here.” I was wondering if he’s leaving the unit or being transferred. After some deductive reasoning, I came up with two possibilities. One, he’s moving to East Block; two, he’s being transfer. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, Mike told me he’s transferring. He told me to stay focus and send his best to Rico. All I said was okay. I didn’t have any special feelings after knowing that he’s leaving. I wished I could have said more, but it wasn’t there. Normally I would probably feel a sense of loss because I’m here by myself. I might never see him again or speak to him again. I don’t know why I didn’t feel anything. My mind stayed peaceful. Could this be the start of a new beginning in my life? Only time will tell. I sat down and mediated. I asked the benevolent Guan Yin to protect Mike and his family. I prayed for all my friends and their families. I prayed for myself and my family. Then I breathe. I was sitting comfortably for awhile. It helped.

I received my canteen order. Now I have plenty of everything. Life goes on.

I received a letter from another supportive stranger for my parole situation. SB wrote a very honest and heartfelt letter. She introduced herself to me and encouraged me to have faith. She’s a born again Christian. She has had a difficult life as a drug addict and prostitute. She said Jesus saved her. She read my story and felt the need to write to me in support. I wrote her back and thanked her kind gesture. I offered her to write to me if she wants. I don’t mind getting to know her better. So far I have received two letters from strangers and one from an old acquaintance.

I wrote a letter to J about fishing. I haven’t heard from her in two weeks. I’m sure she’s fine, but I would like to hear from her. Our relationship is slowing down because of the long distance.  I have no control of that. I’m grateful for what we have. No pressure. No expectation.

I got a letter from the AG (Attorney General) asking for another extension on the Return. What is taking so long to get the necessary papers if they have them? They have nothing to justify their illegal actions. I hope the judge doesn’t grant the extension. I’ll send a copy to C tomorrow.

I haven’t heard from Mom yet. Hopefully the letter’s on the way. I’m not worry worried. It would be better to know that the family’s all right.

Mike’s departure is not as dramatic as I thought it would be. I’ll miss him. Can’t believe he’s laying on a bed in new Folsom already.

I haven’t heard from Rico. I hope he’s all right. It must be tough for him in some ways. I feel for his family. This is the price we pay to fight for justice and what is right.

No exceptions.


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