I got down early to do my exercised. I had a good night sleep because I was tired. I had a dream about being at another place. It was wired because I saw M’s wife. Anyway, I had a good sweat. I still can’t do the whole workout yet. It’s not easy at all.

ISU got me for interview about quarter to eight. It was never pleasant. I was called a liar and uncooperative. There’s no more to talk about. They’ll write up a report when they’re done. I’ll have to face the music.

I didn’t get to shower today so I was smelly all day. I went to law library to do some research for the denial. The AG sent me the Return finally. He asked the judge to dismiss the whole thing. I sent the Return to my attorney to let him handle it. I should be able to argue the Return, but I need access to my legal work. We’ll see.

J sent me a letter from home. She’s back from a month. I’ll write to her before she leaves again.

I had a good talk with my neighbor. The night disappeared into darkness.

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