I was called for a visit at eight this morning. By the time I went to the visiting room, I was told my visit was cancelled. I don’t know whether my visitor cancelled it or the prison did. A is the only one I can think of to come see me early in the morning.

I went out to the yard and had my haircut. H gave me a little fade. It was cold out until the sun came out. I didn’t exercise. I kicked it with the guys and the Walk Alones. I did lots of talking. It felt good getting some fresh air.

I took a nap after lunch. G passed by to say hi. The rest of the day I read the newspaper. My neighbor’s gone so no more daily papers. I’m feeling pretty good under the circumstances.

I received a letter from N. He told me about A’s bike riding experience. It’s good to hear from him. A is riding without training wheels. Sis is busy as ever. J last letter from Beijing arrived. Her wallet was stolen. She’s been doing some reflection on her future staying in Beijing with her partner. Beijing is not a place for her to live and maximize her potential. I’ll write to her about it.

I need some rest.

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