It’s a down day. I was expecting a visit from CC, but he didn’t visit me. He did visit Rico.

The morning went by quickly. I started to write my vignette in the afternoon, but I was escorted to ISU for interview. The whole thing took almost three hours. Lt. N and Sgt. M interviewed me. I didn’t consent to be recorded during the interview. I shouldn’t have talk to them at all, but I did. They will use what I said against me. They intercepted and copied the letter S wrote to me and the once I wrote to her. They tried to read something into our correspondence. They might call me back tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect.

I wrote to CC and W to give them an update. I hope CC will come visit me. I didn’t want to say too much in the letter.

I just received a card from P. She informed me that Josh died on 7/14. After thirty seven years he finally received his liberation from this earth. He paid for his debt and more. Now, he has to be in a better place. I respect his will to keep his dignity until the end. I’m glad that we’re friends. C must’ve taken the news pretty hard since she’s the only one who was closed to Josh. I wish her well. Maybe I’ll get to see her soon and talk to her.

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