The day went by so fast that I missed a day. I thought it was Wednesday. Yard was cancelled this morning, but the Officers never bothered to tell us. There was no reason to cancel yard except for the Lieutenant can do it.

I took a nap and started writing. I ended up doing a few yoga exercises. G dropped by briefly since he was in the area

I received a letter from B and Mom. I was smiling ear to ear after reading Mom’s letter. It’s good to know that she’s doing well. She sent me 20 stamps. I know how much she loves me. I wrote her back and tell her about A’s visit. B wrote her longest letter to me. She expressed her feelings on the negative comment I’ve got from Mr. W. I appreciate her support for me. I wrote to K and gave her a brief update. She’ll be shocked. I sent the letter to A along with the visiting form. I told him to go visit Mom when he has a chance. I was going to write the vignette on showers, but I didn’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it by Thursday so I can make copies and edit it.

I ate good tonight. I’m still full right now. I drank a lot of colored water. I appreciate the food. I wish I could have some rice with fish and some ice cold soda. I like the food to be hot. That would be a treat.

I chatted with my neighbor for awhile. It helped break up the time. I had a happy day.

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