Around four-thirty this morning I was up. My neighbor MS got his bus ticket. He has 121 years to life to do. I wish him luck. Now I have a new neighbor who has a mental condition. He bangs on the bed and yells out loud. He’s stressing. Other people taunt him. I don’t know how he feels, but I empathize with him. I feel blessed that I don’t have his condition. I gave him a book and two magazines to read. He has been quiet.

I received a letter from Mom. She’s traveling out of the country with Dad to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary. She told me she saw S and his girlfriend. She said he’s lucky. She also said that her and Dad are not getting healthier, but getting older and in deteriorated shape. She wants to see me home next to her so she can love me. I felt a sadness that prompted me to give up everything so I can be home with her. I don’t want to wait too long before they get too old. I want to go home.

Rico found that the BPT took his date. I feel sorry for him too especially under these conditions. He will win his freedom and more because the prison officials totally violated his rights. I sent him a note to show him my support.

G was in a hurry today so we talked briefly.

I wrote a letter to A just to say hi. I forgot to ask him about the visiting application. He hasn’t tried to contact Mom yet.

Mike and I played three games of basketball today. We lost two. His blister came back because he doesn’t have a pair of tennis shoes. I jammed my neck and am sored now.

I wrote a 602 on ICC not taking me to committee every 30 days. I also wrote out all the 602s I’ve filed since I’ve been in the hole. I wrote to the appeals coordinator about my two unresponsive emergency 602s. They’re violating my due process right continuously. I still haven’t received any paperwork yet. I want to get this thing over with.

I rewrote my poem. I’ll make a copy then send it out to friends.

I’m tired from the day’s activities. I’ll get to rest my body tomorrow.

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