Still no word from Mom so things must be all right.

It’s late at night and this African American brother is talking to himself. He’s smart and very articulate, but he is mentally disturbed. He had experienced some traumatic experience as a child. His Dad was illiterate and scolded him when he asked him to correct his reading. That affected him for life. I feel sorry for him and wish I could help under difference circumstances.

The day went by quickly. I read the USA Today and Kafka.

I wrote to J. I’ll send the letter to her when I know she’s back in China.

KW finally wrote a short note to me. He sent a letter to the warden asking about the investigation and possible transfer. CC also sent a letter to the warden. It’s a six page document concerning the retaliation and violation of our rights. The document was very detailed and well written. It’s the group complaint on the administration. The warden, Chief Deputy and CRM (Community Resource Manager) will get a copy. I’m glad that the attorneys are acting on our behalf. Their effort will help in our situation.

I haven’t received any letters from folks that I’m expecting to hear from. I know that they’re trying to protect me. I appreciate them. I still haven’t start writing creatively. It’ll come when I want to.

“Little” gave me five 37 cent envelops. He looked out for me since I’ve been here. That’s a blessing.

My body’s sore from exercising yesterday. I’ll workout in the morning before shower.

I’m doing well and eating well.


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