Tonight’s diner was the best since I’ve been in Ad Seg. It’s the holiday meal to celebrate the stealing of people’s land, genocide of Native American and oppression of people of color.

I exercised, ate breakfast and showered. That’s my morning routine on shower days.

The days are going by fast. I wrote a few letters to people. I wrote to Mom and Sis to keep them updated on my situation. I wrote to Moe to let him know I understand his concern. I wrote to KW and keep him updated. I wrote to CC and thanked him for assisting us. I told him about KW letter. Hopefully there is no conflict. I sent the opposition to ex parte for extension to the court. I appreciate my counsel for his continued support. He took care of business. I hope the judge will take action this time.

It’s been a good day. I studied the United Front Points of Unity.


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