It’s late. I had to stop writing to J because my eyes are setting tired and my hand starts to cramp. I did some writings that required me to put time into thinking. J will have plenty to read about when she gets my letter. I received a letter from her tonight after eight thirty. It was rerouted to me from North Block. The letter was opened and read by some nosey C/O. I hate that. No respect for self. J sent a photo of her and her partner.

I received K’s response to my letter to her. She’s cool with me writing to her. She shared some thoughts of her view on how she deals with “the system” with me. I wrote her back and gave her my thoughts. We’ll be having some interesting correspondence.

I wrote to Yuri and share the news with her. She’ll be concerned but supportive. I know we’ll meet one day.

CC sent the AG’s copy back to me. He also sent me a postcard to give me a brief update on my motion. I appreciate his help.

I went to yard for the first time. It was windy and overcastted outside. I talked to Smoke for awhile and had a good dialogue. P talked too much. There were only five people on 2 yard. I shot some baskets and exercised. Rico was in Walk Alone for an hour. We talked for awhile. He’s been found guilty of his 115. That’s ridiculous. He’ll eventually beat it. G dropped by to say hi.

The day went by quickly. My mail is late and being read and I don’t like it. I still haven’t from Mom. What a trip!


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