There is no consistence in the Ad Seg program. As I waited for yard release, the Officers were having a different agenda. They decided to do a building search on a yard day. So they went cell to cell to search.

I left for an attorney visit at around 10:10. I saw L for the first time as I walked by the upper yard. CC was visiting four clients today so I had to wait. The Officer turned the radio up so I can hear the music. It was the first time in a month since I heard music. I enjoyed the oldies sons that were playing. I wrote to J as I listened to the music. I waited an hour before I talked to CC. He gave me an update with everything. He told me B came up to see me, but was turned away. He has a good spirit about him. I asked him to call Sis to let them know that I’m all right. I appreciate his help.

I received two letters from CC. One was delayed because it was “mistakenly” processed as regular mail. I didn’t get the anti-retaliation draft letter on time. The other was copies of writing. I need to start writing myself.

Ohio State sent me a letter about the class. It said I’m talking Psy 221. I think Mr. K is trying to get me to do it so he can accumulate stats. I wrote Ohio back and ask it to double check.

I wrote to B and told her about the visiting schedule and the fan mail. George Warren wrote a negative letter on the Weekly article. I have to write him back tomorrow. I didn’t feel good reading the letter. I wrote to CC and thanked him for seeing me.

The night moved on. I also received the Fortune News magazine.


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