My hand is cramping from writing all night. I wrote 7 letters and a 602. I wrote to Sis, AC, A, L, S, O an J. I had to repeat the same story on why I’m in segregation. I took time to write the 602 as a citizen’s complaint. I had to write it three times to make sure I got things down. It was tedious, but it has to be done. I wrote a short free write on eating a nectarine mindfully to J. It came out nice.

I told AC to check if my site is up or not. If not, I might have to take up her husband’s offer. I asked all of them to write a support letter for me. I have to start solicit them now and get them ready by the end of September.

I slept most of the morning away. Mike had a visit. It must’ve been his Mom. The days are going by fast. I haven’t touch any Spanish yet. I have been eating a lot lately, but can’t gain an ounce. I have plenty more letters to write.


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