Someone in the mailroom returned the letters I sent to J stating that it “must be in English.” I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time my letter was delay because of that. I wrote a note to whoever wrote the note about the delay. I hope that’ll settle it without further complication.

I received the originals of my ex parte from my lawyer. He has put work in. he did the whole denial for me. I’ll have to make sure I get all the instruction from him before I send them out. I have time to meet the deadline.

I sent the 602 in for my property issue after I made copies. I sent another 602 for the access and return of my legal property.

Liu sent me a photo and a letter. He’s doing all right. I will keep in touch with him. He changed his name to Lucky. I’ll be there one day to visit him.

I’m tired. I’ve been out of the cell most of the day. I went to the yard, play one game with Mike, worked out, and practiced rebounding while Mike shot the ball. I enjoyed the time out there.

G and Fr. P dropped by to say hi. Not much to say but exchange greetings.

I then went to law library with Mike and Rico. I prayed for Rico because BPT was holding a hearing to determine whether they will take his date. He’s getting a raw deal, but he’ll win eventually.

I read over the denial. It was written well. I feel sleepy. I haven’t receive my letter from other friends and Mom. I hope all is well.

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