Whenever I start to think about the length of time that I have to stay in solitary, I feel a sense of depression. I always catch myself from lingering too long in those moments.

I make it a point to study my correspondence course. I did a couple of hours of studying and it was worth it. I need to keep it up and finish my commitment.

A wrote and sent me a couple of articles. He’s not a good correspondent, but I appreciate his support. I wrote him back and gave him a brief feedback. I hope to see him and Yuri this weekend.

Rev. K sent me his support letter. He asked other priests to write support letters for me. He also shared my article with others. It’s good to know that I could count on him.

I got two 602s back. They were screened out, but I resubmitted. I still haven’t got my adjudication back. The administration is playing games with me. I also haven’t heard about my parole hearing status. I should be getting some support letters from friends.

I hope and hope that things are getting better for me and my friends. If it’s time to move on, it’s time.

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