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Sep 03, 2011
» Reflections

It’s been a tiring day because I didn’t get a chance to nap. Rico and I shot around with the basketball for a while. I didn’t feel energized after that. After we walked around a bit, we did some burpees. Rico had to stop because he’s not used to this exercise. We did some yoga afterward. Mike’s still sick so he didn’t do anything. It was cool outside.

After yard, I ate and read Audre Lorde’s book for a while. Then I was called for law library. I went and did some research and made some copies. Mr. J thinks that I’ll be transfer also. We’ll see.

Dinner was delicious. It was two pieces of chicken breasts. My favorite. I had sweet fruit slices for dessert.

K’s book Capoeirea got here, but I couldn’t have it. It was not sent from the vendor. I had to send it back. I wrote and told her what happened and sent her a copy of the Chronicle article.

I submitted my 602 of 7/14. I sent the trust withdraw (a form uses to retrieve money from my account) to the mailroom. I received “The Sun” magazine. I sent the lawyer a letter. He helped me with the 602.

I’m tire physically. It was a productive day. I need some rest.