I wonder if J is back in the States right now. She’ll have plenty to read about once she get my letter.

What’s going on with Mom and the family? They’re probably doing well. I just can’t get used to them being so detached from me. It’s a good quality in a way, but I still would like to hear from them.

Finally, there was yard for today. It was beautiful outside. I shot some baskets and workout. I had a good sweat and pump. I’m getting in good shape. I had two hours of sunshine. It felt good.

I overslept this morning because I stayed up last night. I slept for two hours after I got back and ate lunch

I wrote a letter to CC and gave him an update and asked him to forward my info to my counsel. I submitted a 602 for denying my access to law library. I sent the letter out to lil sis.

The day went by fast. If there is any program consistency, the days would go by faster. I’m reading the book by the Japanese author. It’s a good read. I’m writing to get The Wretch of the Earth.

Another week has begun.


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