Another day went by quickly. I have been staying consistent in exercising on shower days. It helps to discipline myself to stay in shape.

I spoke to Rico briefly. He went to committee on Friday. He was put up for transfer because they said he might escape. What a lame exercise to get rid of him! I can’t imagine what’s been going through his mind. I hope God will protect him and let him go home.

I did some folding of paper hearts. It’s a good way to practice concentration and pass time. I made enough to make heart shape around the greeting card.

Officer F delivered a rerouted letter to me. It was post marked June 12. It took twenty five days for me to get it. The administration is messing with my mail. It’s ridiculous. I hate what they’re doing, but I can’t get upset about it. My little sister wrote me in Chinese. I appreciate her concern. I wrote her a five page letter to update her on my situation. May she be well.

I’m staying up way too late. Hopefully I’ll get yard tomorrow.


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