Finally, there was yard today. It’s a cloudless sky for a while until around noon time. The sun was out early. Mike hurt his wrist from falling inside the shower so we couldn’t play any games. We shot around and practiced handling the ball. I got a little sweat. Hopefully we’ll work out on Tuesday. Rico and I kicked for a bit, just bonding. He gave me twenty stamps. I needed them.

I took a nap after lunch. Then I got busy writing letters to friends. I wrote to M, Yuri, A, S, R, W, sis and Mom. I asked them to write support letters for me in anticipation of my parole hearing. I sent Yuri and M copies of the letter to politicians. Hopefully they can help draw some attention on our plight. I have more letters to write tomorrow night. I’ll be busy all day.

I bumped my left knee against the bunk. It hurt. My fingers hurt from all the jams playing basketball. I need to do more yoga and stretching exercises to heal myself. I have not done much yoga lately.

May the Gods continued to smile on me.


*This reflection was written 9 years ago today.

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