I didn’t manage my time well so I didn’t get all the letters I wanted out. I wrote to Yuri and sent her the visiting approval form. The visiting processing was slow. I’m glad that she’s approved.

I wrote to A and asked her to write support letter for me. I told her about the website situation. I wrote to D and K asking them for support. I wrote to G and sent her my documents and asked her to share them with my friends. Hopefully things will work out. It can only get better.

The day went by too quick it seemed. I didn’t feel like a shower since I didn’t do anything. I let my body recuperate. I got some magazines to read. I appreciate them. My citizen’s complaint got kicked back to me. The Appeal’s Coordinator is wrong to screen 8it out claiming it was a duplicate. I’ll get them for violating my due process.

I didn’t hear from J. Hopefully she received my letters and is doing all right.

Another day in the mad house.

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