The fact that I haven’t been call for my 115 hearing bothers me a little. It’s the fact of not knowing that’s eating at me. The truth is I can’t do anything about it, but wait.

I was called down to the Lieutenant’s office for a phone interview with Counselor K. She interviewed me for about ten minutes concerning my 7/14 citizen’s compliant. CC II H asked her to do it. She told me the response over the phone, but I can’t remember anything. All my issues were rejected. I just want to get the appeal back so I can process and exhaust it. That way I can file writ in the courts.

After the phone interview I asked Lt. L for a phone call. He said cool and dialed Mom’s number for me. On one was home in San Jose or Oakland. Just my luck. Hopefully I can try again next time when I’m around the office area.

I felt tire so I slept for a while. Then I pulled out my statistic book and studied for a while. It’s hard for me to concentrate and remember all the different terms. It requires repetition to study the terms. I need to get busy on it because I only have about six months left to finish it.

I didn’t receive any letters today. I wrote to H, B, A and P. I’ve pretty much written to all the people who I think would write support letters for me. We’ll see how many people will write for me. I’m still waiting for KW to come visit me. Unless he has some good reasons to convince me he’s willing to help me, I’m firing him.

I hope things will work out for me and my friends accordingly.

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