It has been a busy night for me. I managed to write eight letters and rearranged my appeals. I wrote to M, Sis, J, A, K, S, R and J. I asked them to write support letters for me and gave them a brief update of my situation. I’m sure they’ll do what they can to help me. I sent Sis a birthday card. Hopefully she has a chance to relax in Hawaii.

I sent another 602 to CCI n the violation of 3335. I also wrote to the appeal’s coordinator about the status of my appeals. I took care of business.

I went to yard. I played a couple of games against H. He’s a liar and a cheater. I did get a good sweat. Afterward we worked out. We did steps, burpees and pushups. We need to do more of it. I got some protein to refuel. Maybe I’ll gain some muscle weight.

I still haven’t been to my 115 hearing the time limit has expired. I think they did it on purpose after they saw the I.E. report and can’t find me guilty. They’re trying to set me up. I have to stay focus and be alert.

May the good spirit be with me always.

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