I wasn’t feeling well today, so my boss dropped me off at the Bart station so I can go home and rest. I took a nap and felt better.

Since I was home early, I was able to have dinner with my twelve year old nephew, who is home alone. He wanted to go eat alone because he wanted to play the computer. I asked him to stay to finish eating first. He listened. After we ate, we started talking about random things. He showed me one of his Facebook pages. I was amazed to find out that he has 5,000FB friends and 91 more friend requests. That is totally crazy. What are those teenagers doing? I need to look into that. So my nephew teaches me about FB fan page and Twitter and encourages me to create one for myself. I told him I would consider it. I was able to spend 3 hours alone with him, the longest ever. I appreciate that.


My body is sore from the cell workout yesterday as anticipated. I could feel the soreness every time I move my upper body. I did way too much and now I’m paying for it.

I feel sleepy right now. So I’m turning in early tonight. There was yard this morning until an institution recalled. The yard was cut short. I had an opportunity to get my hair cut by H. It took a while, but he did an all right job. It could’ve been better, but I appreciated. It will hold me for a month or two.

It was overcastted and chill outside. I was able to talk to my amigo for a couple of hours. I know it’s tough for him during this struggle. I wish him well.

G dropped him by and showed me the letter he wrote to Mr. W. It was an all right letter. He mistaken my age of arrest. I showed him the letter I wrote and gave him the article to read. It’s nice of him to drop by

Dinner was late due to the lockdown. It was burritos tonight so it was fulfilling. I read the USA today and Coastal Post paper. It had some good article to it. I received the second BOC letters. I will send them to CC Tuesday when I’m able to make copies.

Mr. J responded to my 602. He said I could’ve just dropped a note. If that was the case, he should have scheduled me earlier after I turned in the request weekly. I hope to straight things out when I see him.

No letters from Mom still or anyone else. I can’t trip about any of that anymore. Right now, I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, but it looks like it’ll be awhile. The administration is blowing this way out of proportion. It’s very plain and simple, but the police mentality will not accept it. There’s nothing I can do. The truth will come out.


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