My shoulders are sore from the intense workout I did with the Latinos. I was sweating profusely from doing the different exercises. I couldn’t keep up with “Little.” I ended up doing about 500 push-ups and kicks. I haven’t done that much in years. My body is feeling it. It’ll get worse tomorrow. I need to get use to the exercises first before I can keep up. I hated it when I was doing it, but I felt good once it’s finished.

I still didn’t make it to the law library. The 602 was returned to me to send it to the first level. I gave it to the law library Officer.

I still haven’t heard from Mom.

Father O sent me a postcard from Maui. I received the Turning Wheel and a postcard from D. I received the Boninas paper H sent. I got a copy of my motion back. I got a notice form the Board of Control. It’s rejected. I have to pursue it later. I wrote to D and told her about my feelings on the weekly article. I told her to ask B.Y. for details of my retreat if she wants

I wrote a letter to a prisoner in China who is being mistreated by the guards and Chinese government. I sent her a card to let her know that I support her.

I did some reading, but not enough. I have too much to read now. I need to read and write.

There is no news on my status. It’s all about waiting. I gave Little the Fortune News magazine. He can share it with others.


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