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SHU – Human Rights Violation

Jul 08, 2011
» Reflections

As I share my reflections on my experience in solitary confinement, people in the SHU (Security Housing Units) of America’s Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) are living the reality of torture and dehumanization daily. The hunger strike in California’s prisons by those brave souls in the SHU are taking a stand for themselves and others by bringing the much needed attention on the prison system’s human right violation.

Please help support the prisoners’ effort in creating changes in the PIC regarding SHU.


It’s almost bed time. I’m sore from yesterday’s exercise on the yard. I got up early to do a light exercise. Surprisingly I got a good sweat.

I finished reading the Japanese book. There was book exchange, but I didn’t get any good books. The selection was poor. If you don’t know someone who will trade with you, you’re out of luck. G dropped by to say hi. We chatted for awhile. He saw the Correction’s book.

I received two books today. It was sent in May. It took awhile to get to me. I received a letter from Taiwan. CL got out and was deported to his country. He finally got his freedom. I wrote him back. M sent me a card. She’s consistent in writing me even though she just writes a few lines. I wrote her back and told her what happened.

I still haven’t heard from Mom. What’s up with that?

I have been eating a lot consistently. Hopefully I’m maintaining my weight and shape.